Ernest Hemingway


Interesting facts:

  1. Ernest believed that life was made meaningful by courage, which he reflected in his stories. Characters would fight bravely, whether they won or lost.
  2. He suffered from bipolar mania, depression, and other disorders which led to his suicide.
  3. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  4. He was married four different times in his lifetime.
  5. Ernest won a bronze star for his bravery in in World War 2.
  6. Ernest and his last wife are buried in Ketchum's town cemetery in Idaho.
  7. His sister, brother, and father all also committed suicide.
  8. He wrote short, to the point stories.
  9. He was born on July 21, 1899.
  10. In 1918, he went overseas to World War 1 as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army.
  11. He met his first wife, Hadley Richardson, in Chicago, and soon married and moved to Paris.
  12. His father took his life in the year of 1928.

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Continued facts...

13. He lived in Oak Park, Illinois.

14. After the birth of his son, Patrick Hemingway, he settled in Key West, Florida.

15. Toward the end of the war, Ernest met Mary Welsh, who he later married after divorcing Martha Gellhorn.

16. Ernest produced most of his work during the 1920's through 1950's.

17. For his service, he was awarded the Italian Silver medal of Bravery.

18. While in high school, he wrote in the school newspaper.

19. In 1923, Ernest and Hadley had a son named John Hadley Hemingway.

20. Almost immediately, Ernest's marrige with Pauline Pfeiffer ended.