Lange's Habits Weekly

Mission Statement

My purpose is to live a full and happy life by pursuing my hobbies like photography, earning money, and working hard to achieve my goals. This mission statement represents me because it contains all the things that I enjoy. In my personal opinion I believe that in order to have a successful life you have to work hard. People cannot just go around expecting wonderful opportunities and nice things to just fall into your lap. If you want something work for it. I think this is why my mission statement describes me because two of my goals are very driven and I think that introduces the kind of personality I have.

What does happiness mean to YOU?

Is it about Family, Friends, or material possessions???

This is going to sound bad I know…but I believe that money does buy happiness but in a different way than your family would give you happiness. Happiness is split into two categories in my opinion. I think there’s happiness to be claimed from your material possessions but it’s only to a certain extent. Where in contrast your family can provide a lot of happiness to you in a more comforting way rather than by the things you own. In my opinion I think that happiness is defined by whoever is trying to achieve it. Some people might believe that money doesn’t make you happy where as I believe it does to a certain extent. Others might argue that they don’t like their families so they might not provide the same kind of happiness my family provides me with. When things go awry I try to stay focused on the positive side of whatever situation I am in because once you get in the mindset of this is never going to work or this is impossible you start to become pessimistic and you drift farther away from your goal. Covey wants you to think that if you give yourself the right mindset like you can do it you will actually have the courage and be able to do whatever you put your mind to.

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” ―Steven R. Covey

This quote is all about being proactive rather than reactive which is relating to habit 1. It is important for a successful future because instead of blaming your problems or certain things it’s about taking responsibility for your own actions. This quote relates to the future because it’s something that I would like to do more of. I sometimes get caught up in the fact that I tend to react to what’s happening around me but not look at the bigger picture and in order to have a successful future I need to start looking at the bigger picture rather than the “right now.”

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