The bang of the Vietnamese Refugees

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Say "Cheese" The The Vietnamese

Vietnamese refugees came to the United States in a splurge of 3 waves. The first influx of refugees began in 1975 at the end of the Vietnam War, It led to the U.S. sponsored draining of roughly 125,000 Vietnamese foreigners.The first wave consisted mainly of Military personnel and Urban educated specialists.The second mass of Vietnamese refugees entered the United States being associated with the name the “boat people” refugee crisis, This group, in particular, were your commoners, and middle to lower class refugees mainly from rural areas and were less educated than the first wave of arrivals.The third splurge of Vietnamese entered in the 80s & groovy 90s; unlike earlier arrivals, this wave held fewer foreigners and was made up of thousands of Vietnamese Amerasians and political prisoners.

Why so Urgent?

Many Vietnamese refugees came because of war in their Country; the Vietnam War in 1975 caused many refugees to question their safety. Many that came were ethnic Chinese immigrants fleeing persecution in Vietnam, And some were in association with the U.S. military or the South Vietnamese government which made them targets of the communist forces.The rest of the migrants were children of U.S. servicemen and Vietnamese mothers.

Immigration laws in days of yore

The U.S. Recognized that the Vietnamese refugee crisis was a world problem. The United Nations summoned the First Geneva Conference.Certain Countries were in on the conference of Indochinese Refugees in July 1979.The countries agreed to be a country of resettlement.First-asylum countries vowed to receive refugees and the Vietnamese government agreed to resolve the the illegal evacuation and to build an ODP (Orderly Departure Program beneath the auspices of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

By Boat or by Plane!

A famous term for Vietnamese immigrants is “Boat People”. Which commonly refers to refugees who left Vietnam by boat and ship after the war.The term is so often used they put all Vietnamese migrants in a limited box by referring to all Vietnamese as “Boat People”.

One by one come on up!

The 1.2 million structured Vietnamese families made up 10.9% of the asian the United states, Being the fifth largest Asian migrant group they represent a climatic revolution in an extremely short time period. 44% of Non native Vietnamese have become citizens.

Make this place a Home

Vietnamese immigrants typically ended up on States and cities near the coast in the United States.In 1984 California had a boosted population with over 50% of their new “Visitors” being Vietnamese migrants. Texas was also an adored place to settle reports show that the Texas population increased by 11% because of the Vietnamese settlement.Which indicates that “Birds of a feather flock together” because they all had the tendency to live near other immigrants.Vietnamese immigrants settled primarily on the coast of the United States. In 1984 California reported that over 40% of their new and growing population was primarily Vietnamese Refugees. Texas was also a Popular place for the Immigrants, Reporting that 7.2% lived there.Reports show that many of the immigrants also lived in VA, WA, FL, NY, LA, MA, AND PA. Proving that there was value placed on living near other immigrants.

Civilian Labor Forces

Vietnamese Americans lean more towards technical jobs like Machinery assembling and electrical engineering.Vietnamese jobs are more based on region rather than by choice. In Southern states Some Vietnamese support the fishing industry by becoming fishers & shrimpers. In northern states they get industrial jobs.Employment rates are relatively high, With unemployment rates at 5-6 percent. Roughly 10% of Vietnamese migrants are self-employed,Showing their ambition to make it in a “New World” and start over fresh.Many show their true colors by Enlisting in the U.S. Army.With education being so important in Vietnamese culture more than half of the college age Vietnamese children are in college. After college many Vietnamese are encouraged to go into Engineering, Health Care, And being a doctor is most valued in the eyes of Vietnamese American parents.Vietnamese Americans tend to lay toward technical jobs like machinery assembling, Electrical engineering.

Contributions brought to you in part by...

Vietnamese immigrants in Cultural terms have not been in the United States for long therefore contributions to culture are not so dramatic as to a culture that has been around for a longer period. Vietnamese shrimpers and fishers are important to the American fishing industry though.There are some relatively important celebrity contributions though such as Dustin Nguyen, and actor from Vietnam. He came when he was 12 years old and became famous for his appearance in “21 Jump Street”

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Homeland Influences

These Unprecedented numbers of immigrants from Asian countries have led to dramatic demographic, economic and culture shifts in Asian communities.Virtually almost all Asian American ethnic groups are now foreign-born due to the massive waves of immigrants. Consequently more Vietnamese migrants are returning home due to family issues and the inability to manufacture a green card or any legal papers for loved ones or themselves.Meaning an influx in population in Asian based countries.

Receive the treatment

Asian Americans are sufferers of both animosity and assault.They come to the U.S. to escape conflict and are judged upon it. People are wary of them saying they bring disease, cultural conflict, unemployment and less education. But in true works immigrants bring culture & biodiversity.