Happy New Year...Let's Do This!

Hello my loves...

Let's Do This Girls!!

Hello hello lovely and fab ladies!! Happy New Year...hope yours and your holidays were amazing!! I felt amazing all December long because of the amazing things our team did....I am so excited for what this team is going to do in the New Year! You all really went over and beyond what I ever thought a team could do and I was so so so proud...let's keep it up and keep going higher and higher!!

So let's see...there are so many reasons to give ladies to host trunk shows and even better...to join our team and become a fabulous stylist! I can't wait to keep growing our team and see you all have a team of your own too! So going on right now is:

--Spring Launch Debut!! (We get to look online Sat and order next week!!!!!)

--Hostess Bonus Days (An extra $50 for Spring hostesses)

--Sponsoring Bonus-they get $450 in free samples instead of the regular $350!!!

--Ummmm it's a New Year which means people want a new start, a better hobby or job, they are motivated to go get their dreams and do it on their own terms....help them do that!!

What are your goals?? How many shows do you want to have?? How many new stylists do you want in your own team?? Email them to me and as we track them, you win stuff!! Gift cards, earrings, bracelets, all kinds of great stuff. But you have to email me!!;)


She did What?? Yeah she is a Balla!!

So we had an amazing Jan and I wanted to give a Shout Out to the ladies who rocked it out!! No excuses, no prisoners, these ladies were True Rockstars!

Top in Sells:

--Brand New Stylist and true Rockstar Morgan Price led team with $2318.50

--Her amazing Sponsor and new Senior Stylist Cecille Lawson was right there with $2316.45

(So not only did Cecille train her newest member amazingly but she sold over $2316 too!!)

--Resident Rockstar Katie Timp sold $2217.50 and she has a be stylist in her team!

--Another Brand New Stylist Bailey Fern (also one of Cecille's girls!!) sold over $1800 in her first full month!! Woohoo

The best part...Incentives!!

You know how I LOVE to do incentives and I have more for Jan! So here it goes:

-Book and Hold 4+ trunk shows in Jan and get $50 in Product Credits to Shop the New Spring Line!!!

--Do over $1000 in sells for Jan and get the gorgeous Norah Earrings!

-Do over $2000 in sells and get the Norah Earrings AND the Clutch!

--Sponsor 1 New Stylist who has her own debut show and get $100 in Product Credits to Shop the new line with!

--Sponsor 2+ stylists who have their own Launch Shows and get $100 in product credits AND a new bag from the Spring Line!