Jerry Tarkanian

"Tark the Shark"

Jerry Jerry "Jerry Tarkanian Song" UNLV
Have you ever dreamed of being a basketball player? If so, you’d be lucky to
have Jerry Tarkanian as your coach. Have you heard of Jerry Tarkanian? If you have
not, you might want to read this report. I will give you facts like early life, significant
events, and his impact on Nevada.
When Jerry Tarkanian was a kid, he had a mother, father, and a brother. His mother’s name is Haigouhie Tarkanian. I couldn’t find his dad’s name, but he died of Tuberculosis. Jerry
Tarkanian’s brother’s name is Myron Tarkanian. Then all we have left is his self, Jerry
Tarkanian. That is his whole family and their names when he was little. When Jerry
Tarkanian was a kid, he loved playing basketball and that is what pushed him to be
such a good coach. When he was older, he got married to Louis Hunter. They had two
daughters, Pamela and Jodie. They also had two sons, Danny and George.

Danny and George with their dad

When Jerry Tarkanian was older he had sued the NCAA twice because they kept
thinking he was being a bad coach. They ended up paying him $2.5 million dollars. A
big thing that happed in his life was he had a mild heart attack. Jerry Tarkanian was
able to get into the Hall of Fame and he got to shake a really powerful man, named
Brian Sandoval’s hand. Jerry Tarkanian was such a good coach that he coached the
best college team and some went to the NBA. He also coached the fourth best college
basketball team and some of them went to the NBA.

Jerry Tarkanian's Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Speech
He helped a school, UNLV, the Running Rebels go back to playing basketball
when the school was trying to make it a no basketball school. This was in Las Vegas,
NV. Jerry Tarkanian did not want that to happen at all and he was not happy. He
taught his team how to be really stealthy, like a shark is. He has the nickname, “Tark
the Shark”. Now there is a place named after Jerry Tarkanian where kids play their
basketball games. I get to play there every Saturday with my team, The Panthers.

He made his team play man-to-man defense and when they had the ball they ran
down the court faster. This made it so the other team could not block and Jerry
Tarkanian’s team could get more points. He is the one who started that plan for
basketball that most people use now.

Walk like a Tarkanian