Jueves, el tres de julio

!Mañana es día festivo¡

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Viernes el cuatro de julio es día festivo

Friday is an official NCVPS Holiday. The site though is always open and this is a great opportunity to work and catch up. There may also be Peer Tutors available on BB IM and you will find me there over this weekend as well. I too have to catch up! :-)

¡Enhorabuena to Breana y Madai for attending Extra Credit Culture Cafe last night!

Let´s give them a big shout out for going the extra mile in learning about Spanish culture and for being smart about helping out their grade average! Way to go girls!
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Some of you are attending the Required Live Class but not submitting the assignment that goes along with it and is the piece that I grade. Don´t leave these assignments blank. Blank assignments will kill your grade.

Lección - ESTAR in the present tense

ESTAR is one of 2 Spanish verbs that are used to express "to be". When talking about where something is located we use the correct form of ESTAR. Here is the ESTAR conjugation chart:
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