The Crucible

Nikita Berthelson & Paul Taylor

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In Act I, John Proctor is told to come to Salem to see if he could get any sense out of the children's talk of witchcraft. Obviously from this, he is seen as a respected man to be able to place his input into the situation.
In Act II, John Proctor

In Act III, out of spite, out of revenge against his wife to try and get rid of her, Abigail is accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft, so that she could fill her spot as John's wife. Thankfully, John realizes this and brings it to the courts attention. John confesses to the court that he has "known" Abigail and that is why she's doing what she's doing. Everything is a big fraud and there is no witchcraft.


In all the acts, John was never in real 'superior' power, as Abigail or Danforth.
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