Hawks Nest #5 May 15, 2020

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It's Talent Show Night!!!!

In this week's Hawks Nest:

  • Tonight is Talent Show Night! The YouTube Premier link is ready!
  • New photo contest!
  • Good News you can use!

~Mr. Darmanin

Hillview Middle School Talent Show 2020: Keeping Connected while Staying Apart

The Virtual Talent Show!!!

Are you ready?!?! The Hillview Talent Show will premiere at 6:30pm Friday, May 15th and then archived above for watching.

The best way to watch is on an AppleTV, Roku, FireStick, etc. using the YouTube app...

  1. Search for "Hillview Broadcasting" as the channel name and you’ll see a “Premier” video labeled Hillview Talent Show that will automatically go live at 6:30pm.
  2. After it airs, the video will be auto-archived to watch/reply…but it’s so much more fun to watch as a family LIVE! I’ll be watching it this way with my family.

If you are watching from a tablet or computer or phone, you can also just use this direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUKAGtoyuPo (Remember, it won’t start until 6:30pm).

Commenting has been turned off, but you can “Like” the video and of course, with your parents help, a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank can be made. That link is already live at tinyurl.com/HVdonate

If you want to send any gratitude to our ASB students, you can email it directly to me and I’ll read it at our next Google Meet meeting. E-mail to bdarmanin@mpcsd.org.

If for some reason the stream goes down, we will post a replacement link to an alternative platform on your Google Classroom Hawks Nest page.

10 Reasons WHY you should watch the Talent Show Tonight at 6:30pm!

  1. It's awesome and features Hillview students performing a variety of acts just for you.
  2. It's for a great cause and all money donated will be helping the Second Harvest Food Bank Silicon Valley! (already $1000+ raised!)
  3. Celebrity appearances with shout outs to Hillview students. We don't want to spoil the fun, but expect to see some stars and athletes from The Office, Parks and Recreation, High School Musical, TikTok, San Francisco Giants, San Francisco 49ers, Olympic Gold Medalists, Women's Soccer, and so much more! Some are even putting on their own talent show act just for Hillview Hawks!
  4. It's a great way to spend time with your family.
  5. It will make you feel more connected to your school and friends.
  6. It's funny. We guarantee at least a few laughs!!
  7. Mr. Lawrence performs a song dedicated to all his students. Need I say more?
  8. Watching it LIVE means you'll be experiencing something TOGETHER.
  9. It's been promoted in local newspapers, the media, and even tweeted out by a few celebrities thousands of followers...many will be coming to check out our show!
  10. There are always a few surprises at the Hillview Talent Show...and you won't want to miss the finale!

Over $1000 Raised for SHFB Silicon Valley! Let's keep it going!!

Block H Deadline has passed, but....

8th Graders:Your Part 2 Deadline has passed. If you forgot, you must contact Mr. Darmanin TODAY after submitting your essay late.

6th/7th Graders: You have until the end of the school year to submit since your points will carry over to next school year.

It's that time of year! End of the year means it's time to tally up our Block H points and make sure yours get counted. Use the easy to follow Google Form (also found in your Hawks Nest Google Classroom) and follow the instructions to get counted! 8th graders, you have two parts...one for the tally, and another for the application.

The Purpose of Hillview’s Block H Award

The Block H award encourages and recognizes commitment to school involvement and community service.

What is a “Block H Point”?

Points are how we measure your service and involvement. For service activities, including community service outside Hillview, you earn about 3 points per hour of service. For school involvement, we use a fixed point system per activity to encourage and recognize involvement.

It's best not to "count" your points and instead just focus on getting involved and volunteering! We've never met a student who got their Block H by asking how many points they had! Fill out the form and follow the steps.

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Photo/Video Challenge #5: The Best Thing You Own!

This week's photo challenge is to take a picture with your most prizes possession...and it must be a non-living thing.. Is it a childhood blankie? A favorite stuffed animal? Your Nintendo Switch? Take a picture of you holding it and send it to us!

HawkSquawk: Let's Try Bottle Flipping Again

Remember bottle flipping? Let's bring that back for just one week. It's a simple quarantine game and we want to see your best around the house bottle flip videos. Send them in!

Hillview Museum Challenge - Deadline: May 29th

Hillview Museum Challenge by Ms. Kogan

The Getty Art Museum in LA had a contest and people re-created famous paintings by dressing up like the people in the paintings and photographed themselves. If this sounds like fun to you, then participate in the Hillview Museum Challenge!

Choose a painting or sculpture that you want to portray through photography, take a screenshot of it and note the artist and title. Try looking at the padlet linked below made by a Laurel art teacher. You will need to include the original when posting your photo. Take the photo using your iPad camera or another camera. Try to replicate the colors in the background of the painting and try to dress like the people in the painting. Feel free to enlist family members in the task. Be creative! Also, feel free to try a more abstract painting that might require no people. Do not edit the photo unless you need to crop it. Some tips to keep in mind when recreating an art piece: Make a face, strike a pose. If you’re interested in re-creating a portrait or group scene, pay attention to the facial expressions—they really make it. For a family activity, look for a domestic or dinner scene. Pay attention to lighting. Try to imagine where the light in the artwork is coming from, and orient your composition so a window or lamp is casting similar light onto the scene. In bright daylight, windows offer a blue-tinged light, while most lamps cast a warmer light. Look at Ms. Kogan's examples for inspiration! Padlet of painting ideas: https://padlet.com/cgiacomozzi/aqtwrmbp6p9z

***Ms. Kogan wants to make a password protected padlet of all of the photographs from Hillview. If you do not want to be included, please let her know via email.**

If you take an art class and have already done this project, you are automatically entered in the contest! There will be prizes for different categories and a panel of judges. Art prizes will be delivered next year.

Email re-creation photos to Ms. Kogan along with the original masterpiece (artist and title noted) to akogan@mpcsd.org

Changemakers from Ms. Nguyen's Distance Learning

For this project, students chose a social issue they care about. They researched the topic and wrote a series of essays: two analytical essays based on research, a creative narrative that uses pathos to evoke emotions, a vision statement speech, and finally a creative solution.

This is Jacob Cohen’s Multi-Media Creative Solution Piece for the Changemakers Project. Jacob’s topic is on the importance of focusing on happiness. Great work everyone and thanks to Ms. Nguyen for sharing this amazing work.


Happiness is life’s ultimate goal. In an ideal world, every action we take is in service to this target. Yet, too often, we ignore it in the pursuit of other objectives. Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, it may seem difficult or unimportant to focus on your own happiness. But we shouldn’t ignore it. The great thing about unhappiness, compared to other social issues, is that each person has a crucial role in solving the problem. This website containsfive scientifically proven techniques that you can apply in your own life to improve your mood and hopefully bring a smile to your face. They are:

  1. Building strong relationships,

  2. Practicing active gratitude,

  3. Spreading the happiness contagion,

  4. Making the world a better place, and

  5. Doing what brings you joy.

See the complete project by clicking the link below:


Hawk Birthdays!

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In the next edition of the Hawks Nest...

  • Results from the photo challenge
  • A Talent Show review with highlights!
  • More news you can use from students like you!

...and so much more!