Ellis Island

By: Alex Rowe

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Imagine coming to a new land, you do don't speak the language and you have traveled for many long, dark months to get there. You have to stay for many weeks in a small room waiting to be inspected. Imagine having only half of your family make it into the new world and you being sent back. That's how it was at Ellis Island. Only 40% of the immigrants that came to America went through Ellis Island. This island served as the nation's major immigration station for a long period of time. There is a lot of history behind Ellis Island which is located on the New York Bay.

History of Ellis Island

Ellis Island was named for the merchant of Manhattan, Samual Ellis. Before Samual Ellis bought the island, ships' ballast was dumped there and the area consist landfill. The State of New York sold the island to the the Federal Government. From 1892 to 1924 Ellis Island served as the nation's major immigration center. 52 years later, the island became a tourist center. The immigration center reopened in 1990 as a museum.

The Location of Ellis Island

Ellis Island is located in the upper New York Bay. The island lies in the New Jersey waters but it is considered apart of New York. It is located about 1 mile southwest of the Manhattan Island. Ellis Island is one of the first things immigrants saw since they moved from their homeland.


In the end, Ellis Island welcomed 12 million immigrants to America. The history and location of Ellis Island is very fascinating. It is important to remember how several immigrants left their homelands to search for a better life in America.
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