Meteorology: Branch of Science: Natural Sciences

Education Path, and Training School and College

Education Path: I would need to get a bachelors degree in meteorology to get the job. Meteorology is a study of the earth and all natural things that happen to it like, weather, temperature, forecast. Taking advanced courses in high school would really help you out with trying to get into this program. Joining clubs and organizations would also make your chances of getting in higher. Taking classes, math, physics, and engineering are great courses to take in your years of college.

Training School and College: My college (University) is University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I chose this college because it is known for natural and nature science which would be helpful for a meteorology degree.

Madison is a very urban city and place. It is a four year college!

Student to facility ratio: 17:1

Class sizes: 29

Public school!

Academics, About the job, What factors affect employment for this jobs


Average GPA score: 3.69

Average ACT score: 24-27

Average SAT score: 1100-1339

About the job; Meteorologists have extremely important jobs because they warn people about severe conditions that cause some people there lives. The primary role of this job is to inform the public about weather conditions. Meteorologists study the atmosphere and report current and future forecasts. This information may be supplied to the public through the television, newspaper, or Internet. Locally people watch CNN, Local 5 news, WBAY, and Fox11 to get there forecast. These stations where they film, have very high tech gear which allows them to predict the forecast.

The conditions of this job are pretty nice. You work inside at a news station, researching the weather for the public. It's not like your outside chasing a tornado!

Factors which affect employment; Everyone wants to be informed about what's happening around us. We all want news stations to tell us breaking news and the weather. We have many news stations around here. So picture trying to get a job in that industry. Trying to get one locally, in Wisconsin, you would probably have to search allitle bit to find one but eventually you would find one. Nationally, if your willing to move to different areas, you are guaranteed a job. Because there is most likely a news station looking for a meteorologists right now to fill someone else's shoes.

Employer; Nsight Telservices- Located in Green Bay

Salary, Summary, Resources


Wisconsin; 38,540 to 116,440 per year

National; 45,050 to 132,130 per year

Summary; I could see myself doing this job when I'm older. A pro is that you get to be on TV. A con is that if you mess the weather up you could be in trouble. This job gets decently payed, I could also see this job as being fun. Who doesn't want a job that you wake up wanting to go, instead of finding your job torture!?

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