All You Need To Know About The SUES

Jack R.

First Arriving

I can tell you, you thought the SUES was hard. I did too, but when you get to know everybody, it's not that bad. Everybody said that the SUES was hard and big. I have to say it is big. But it's really easy. In fact it's too easy. Home work is not hard at all. It will only take you about half an hour to do it.

When you get of the bus or when you get dropped of you will go to the cafeteria. Teachers and signs will tell you were to go. When you get inside you will find your teachers and sit at there table. The first two days you sit at the tables. Third day and the rest of the year you go up the stairs by your self. There are three floors. Gym and the cafeteria are on the first floor. The main office and the nurses offices are on the second floor. The library is on the third.

It's also too fun. You get to make fun projects. I made a wind mill and it lifted 139 grams. It's real fun making projects in fourth grade. We have door contests. Door contests are were your teachers decorate the doors. Mrs. Maher will be choosing the winners. All doors will be posted on the website for all children too vote for a door.

Best Things At The SUES

Lot's of fun things happen in fourth grade. You get to make fun projects. You get to go to assembles. There is also field day. And a class trip. Those are really fun things to do in fourth grade. If you misbehave you might not participate in those events.

You can't forget all the projects in technology. We made an animoto about NJ. An animoto is a short video about a specific topic. We also made a hiku. A hiku is a kind of poem. It's really fun making projects in technology.

resses and lunch

Resses is really fun. I know that in elementary you had playgrounds but in the SUES we don't have a playground instead we have equepment. We have equipment like Frisbees, a kick ball, we have cup ball and, scoop the ball. Also if the blows three times there is no resses the next day.

In the cafeteria there are two sides. One side goes out first the other eats first then we switch. Eating you get 20 minutes and going outside you get 20 minutes. You have one main lunch lady and three other lunch ladies that help out.

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