By: Julianna Sharkey

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein had some failures before all of his amazing accomplishments. First when Albert was a kid he took a while to fluently start talking. His teachers thought he was slower than others and had mental problems. While he was the ages of twelve to fourteen he taught himself calculus. Then when he was attending high school he dropped out. Even though he very much enjoyed academics he didn’t enjoy school. Because he had no high school diploma he had to take certain tests to get into college. After he passed the tests on his second try he got into college. Once he graduated he couldn’t find a job anywhere. Not even the Swiss army would take him because of his flat feet. Eventually he got a job at a Swiss patent office. He earned enough money to support his wife and new-born baby without his parents help. Not long after he won a nobel prize for taking physics beyond it’s Newtonian view. All in all Albert Einstein’s had lack of success before his talent was recognized.

Thomas Edison

Thomas edison failed a lot of things but most of the time turned his failures into success. As opposed to inventors who have a full education Thomas Edison went to school for a total of 12 weeks but got pulled out by his mother because the teachers said he was “difficult” and always got “distracted. Unlike other inventors Thomas learned to self teach himself and read books of all different subjects. Like many famous inventors he had a job at 12 years old as a paperboy at the Grand Trunk railroad line. He conducted science experiments in an old boxcar. But couldn’t sell paper there anymore because one of his experiments caught on fire. Compared to other inventors Thomas Edison has gone down as one of the biggest influences on the whole world. In conclusion Thomas Edison has had some fails but turned them into accomplishments.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe persevered through a lot of failures and turned them into success. For example when Marilyn was a child she was put in foster care. But then she started taking acting classes which helped her get out of foster care and poverty. In addition her husband told her to stop modeling. She chose her career over him which was rare in the 1940’s. Also while Marilyn was working for her first hollywood studio she was a year into her contract and was fired because the producer thought she was unattractive and couldn’t act. But with all of her perseverance she got hired by the twentieth century fox. Furthermore although she played a “dumb blond” in most of her movies, Marilyn was a very smart business women who brought herself from a foster home to the big screen. Lastly after she became a famous movie star she was super generous to everyone she met despite her parents abandoning her at a young age. She would even help her friends maid in the kitchen and would help her cook. Eventually she became a pop icon for millions of people around the world to this day and is known as the most beautiful person in Hollywood.

Oprah Winfrey

Although Oprah is one of the most famous people in the world she had to face some failure before she got there. Oprah was living with her grandmother for the first few years of her life until she fell ill and she had to go to a boarding house in Milwaukee. The effect of this is she would grow up in major poverty which lead to her being physically and sexually abused. Since she lived in that house it caused her to be raped at the age of nine. Because of this she went to Nashville, Tennessee to live with her dad at the age of fourteen. As a result of her moving in with her dad she got a full scholarship to Tennessee state university. In order for her to pursue her career in media she had to leave college early. All in all Oprah Winfrey has gone through tough failures but had a result of becoming a famous talk show host because of perseverance.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney has been in a lot of difficult situations involving failure before his success. One problem is Walt and his brothers were angry at their father. Their solution was to run away from him. Another dilemma that happened is when walt was twenty-two he went bankrupt after his cartoon in kansas failed. This led to them traveling to traveling to Los Angeles with only forty dollars two pairs of clothes drawing materials and his brother roy to become an actor because he thought his animations were not good. Since his acting career didn’t work out the resolution is he created family theme parks all around the world . This led to Walt Disney overcoming his failures and has turned into an extremely famous originator of walt disney world, walt disney land, disney chanel and many other important corporations.