The 3 Branches of Goverment

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch.

The Executive Branch carries out laws. This branch is being lead by the president of the United States. All the voters can elect the president. The president serves a term of four years and can only be elected for two terms. The president lives and works in the white house. The president chooses to veto the bill or send it to the judicial branch. The president has more than one role in our goverment. One responsibility is to sign bills to become laws. Howerver, if he or she doesn't agree with the bill he or she will veto it. If it's it get's sent back to Congress and they vote on it again. The president also works with the Cabinet. The Cabinet is a group of advisors who tell the a leader what they think. The president works in the Oval Office.

The Executive Branch

How it Works

This branch gets the bill and the president works here so he gets the bill and he can either veto it or accept it. Veto means to reject it , if he or she vetos it, it gets sent back to Congress. If he or she accepts it, it goes to the next branch, the Judicial Branch.