Feed-in Tariff: A green initiative

Feed-in Tariff: A green initiative

Feed-in tariff is an initiative taken by UK’s government in the year 2010. The scheme suggested that financial incentives will be given to those who use renewable sources of energy for generating electricity in their homes, work stations etc. Government of UK will give the perks to a person in the following manner:

  • If one generates energy and even consumes it, he or she will be paid for it.

  • If one produces it in great amount and exports it, additional bonuses will be given

  • If one produces energy and uses the energy, a reduction on the electricity bill will be given

The main idea behind this was promoting and encouraging people to use and create green energy. This will not only save their environments but would also help them to save their money too. It is being anticipated that in next few years millions of houses will be installed with different green energy sources which will drastically reduce pollution. Not only this, it will also help in improving the quality of air people breathe in.

FIT is not limited to the households. Various organizations like schools, offices, care homes etc are using it and enjoying its benefits. Thus, it has a wide scope no matter who uses it.


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