The Dangers of Malware

What it is and how you can protect yourself

What is Malware?

Malware can fall into several different categories. These include viruses, Trojan Horses, and spyware which can lead to catastrophic consequences on your part.

How Can I Tell?

Viruses are spread only by contact to other sources (computers, internet connections, etc.). Making sure that you are aware of what atmosphere you are exposing your technology to will help you to protect against that area of Malware.

Anything that looks like a fake or faulty advertising is considered to be a Trojan Horse. Just like the ancient warriors, thieves use this to avert your connection to other unwanted sights and can infect your computer. Make sure all websites you visit are legit and try not to be drawn to the advertising.

Lastly, spyware is used to hack into personal information. Identity thieves use outside sources to find personal files and passwords you make keep on your computer that are linked to bank accounts and other important information. Make sure that you NEVER access those types of websites on public wireless connections and that you always log out.

Examples of Malware

Always use your common sense!

What Other Precautions Can I Take?

An Anti-Virus Software can be pricy, but is well worth it! It tracks things that may pop-up and try to attack your computer and phone and then shields it from you or stops it from intruding. Firewalls are also a great way to protect yourself and work in a like way. The biggest thing, however, is just using common sense. If something looks to good to be true, it probably is. Don't be distracted by flashy advertising. Learn the risks and then take action.