What it is and how it works

By: Joanlis Martinez

What is Volume?

Volume is the mass inside of any 3-dimensional object. The formula for volume for a cube is Length x Width x Height. Usually measured by unit cubed.

The Area of a Circle

The area of a circle is just the space in between a 2- Dimensional figure. The formula for area of a circle is pi r squared, like represented on the picture to the right.

The Formulas

Prediction over the volume of a cone that has the “same dimensions” as a cylinder.

I predict that the cylinder will have the most amount because even though they might have the same dimensions it still has a greater mass and in a cone it only counts for a third of the amount. That means that if my calculations are correct the cone will only be one -third the amount of a cylinder.

Was I correct?

Volume of a cone


The Volume of a Sphere Prediction

The volume of the sphere looks like it is about ⅔ the size of the cylinder, represented above because it does not base itself off of the height like the cylinder does.