The Self-Esteem of my Life


My Self-Esteem

1. My Self-Esteem

I like my results of my self-esteem. My self-esteem is really good. I don't think about the negatives of my life, I always think of the positives in life. In life, I always try me best like in school, making friends, and making people in this world smile and be happy. I don't look at my self as the highest person in the world. I just look at myself as me and, I am always me. Also, I don't try to be someone else. I look at life as a great opportunity to live and to just to be myself. I always try to be nice to new people and the people I know. I am loving and caring. I try to be a leader in life and try to help others in life. I will always try to make other people to be happy and to love there lives and other peoples lives.

2.The Affect of low Self-Esteem

The effect of having low self-esteem is not good for your life. If you have low self-esteem, you usually don't smile and look people in the eye. Also, you will probably withdraw for people and give out unfriendly vibes. You may also not initiate conversations. This attitude will people not want to make an effort to be friendly to you.

3.How to Maintain your Self-Esteem

One thing that you can do to maintain your self-esteem is to be appreciative. You can practice being appreciative during the day, Another way is to know who you are and what you want. Always think why your important in life or your purpose of life. Also, you can set goals and try to complete those goals. The third way you can to maintain your self-esteem is to have positive relationships and to enjoy them. Try to have good friends and to have a good relationship with them and always try to avoid bad relationships. Next, you can get a hobby that you enjoy. If you have a hobby you enjoy, you probably with have a great day and life. The last way you can maintain your self-esteem is to talk yourself up. You can talk yourself up by like that you had a great day or that you did a great job on a test.

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