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Geronimo was a very famous Native American from the Chiricahua Apache tribe. He was known for his leadership as a warrior, personal magnetism, and courage. When leading a wild charge against the Mexicans, they screamed "Geronimo!" His legendary name began here, but his given name was Goyaate meaning 'one who yawns'. His leadership and personal magnetism became famous because warriors followed him since he encouraged them to fight their battles bravely.

Geronimo fought bravely and showed great courage when his camp was attacked by 400 Sonoran soldiers. Because his wife and children were killed, he learned to hate all white men (Canby). "I could not call back my loved ones. I could not bring back the dead Apaches. But I could rejoice in this revenge" (Sanford 17). `He continued to fight and raid the white men's territory until he chose to surrender in 1886. Geronimo died on February 17, 1909. In conclusion, Geronimo lived a violent life is still remembered for his leadership, personal magnetism, and courage (Canby).


  • 1829 - Geronimo was born in June, he placed his birth in No-Doyohn Canyon in South East Arizona.
  • 1837 - The Mexican state of Chihuahua offered 100 pesos ($100) for each scalp of an Apache Warrior.
  • 1861- Captured Cochise's family, Geronimo enraged Chiricahua chief as he sought against white soldiers and civilians.
  • 1885 - May 17, Geronimo again led his band South.
  • 1885- Geronimo and his leaders went all night drinking spree.
  • 1886 - Geronimo was almost 60 years old when he made his final surrender.
  • 1889 - One Fourth of the Apaches had died.
  • 1905 - Geronimo lived in despair and depression in February 17, he died.
  • 1907- a celebration dubbed ‘The Last Pow-Wow’ was planned to commemorate the merging of the Oklahoma and Indian Territories to establish Oklahoma statehood.
  • 1908- The “Ashcan School” artists open their first group exhibition of urban realist painting in New York City (Canby).

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BY: Brianna Baccaire