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February 2020 | What's NOT to LOVE About Learning?!?

Dear Current EduPaths User:

We did something different this month. Working with some of our Discover and Explore course authors, you are invited to go a little deeper into HOW and WHERE to get started with your implementation. Who did they need to consider when addressing the need for change? What strategies did they employ to begin moving forward successfully? This is the purpose of the APPLY course, or Course 3 in the series.

Series: Lifelong Physical Activities

NEW course in that series - Applying Lifelong Physical Activities

Series: Employability Skills

NEW course in that series - How to Apply Employability Skills in Any Classroom

Series: Fuel Your Tank With Premium

NEW course in that series - Fuel Your Tank With Premium: Making Healthy Choices To Keep Your Body Running At Its Best - Part 3

Series: How to Accurately Measure Student Understanding

NEW course in that series - How to Accurately Measure Student Understanding - Part 3

Series: Teachers Need a Growth Mindset

NEW course in that series - Teachers Need a Growth Mindset, Too! - Part 3

Let us know what you think about these course series. Is there a set of courses that you might benefit from the author to share how they implemented their strategy or change? We would love to hear from you!

NEW EduPaths courses are published at the end of every month. We also push out announcements of new courses through and Twitter @EduPathsMDE. Follow us to get the latest updates.

We may not LOVE Change, but we can always WELCOME Change!

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The NEW School Improvement Process - it's coming! EduPaths is here to support you!

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