Yellowstone National Park

By: Sean Fanning


Yellowstone was the first National Park in the U.S.A. It was established by Congress in 1872 to help save the wildlife. When the Europeans came, Yellowstone was popular for fur trappers because of all of the different animals that lived there. Today, some of the animals that live in Yellowstone National Park are bears, wolves, moose, bison, elk, otters, and badgers. Rare animals living in the park are lynx and wolverines. There are 50 mammal species, 311 bird species, 18 fish species, 6 reptile species, 4 amphibian species, and 5 endangered or threatened species to see. In 1988 there was a fire that devastated the park and cost the U.S. over $120,000,000. They started as small individual fires but then joined to make giant, terrible fires.


Until the early 1800's, Indians lived peacefully near rivers and mountains throughout Yellowstone National Park. They got their food by hunting and fishing. The geysers made warm water that the Indians used to bathe in, cook, and wash their cloths.

Tourist Attractions

Activities And Events

There are many things to do at Yellowstone National Park. A wide variety of these activities take place outdoors. You can camp and hike in the backcountry of Yellowstone. There is also boating available if you want to veiw the beautiful waters of Yellowstone and Lewis Lake. If you are interested in nature, there is an option to enjoy its beauty on a bike ride through the park. Over 1,000 miles of trails are located in the park for people to hike and explore to see the amazing sceenary of Yellowstone. Fishing has grown into a big part of Yellowstone's visitor activities. There are 16 species of fish to cast for when you go fishing. You are able to bring your own "stock" if you want to ride horses, however, there are also guided tours. Picnicking and ranger-led activities are other activities that are offered. In the winter months, cross country skiing and snowshoeing are available if you would rather be in the cold, hearing the snow crunch under you. Finally, there is an option to go snowmobiling or snowcoaching.


In One Year

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Climate Facts

There is a wide variety of temperatures at Yellowstone National Park. The year round high is right aound 79˚F while the low is about 9˚F, with temperatures moving around all the time. There are harsh winters, however, during warm summers people enjoy being able to go out and explore. The average rain throughout the year is around 1-2 inches which causes there to be no dry season.

Facinating Facts

1. In 1988, the largest individual fire was caused by a discarded cigarette which burned 410,000 acres of land in Yellowstone.

2. Over 4,000 gallons of boiling water are pumped out of the Grand Prismatic Spring every minute.

3. Yellowstone National Park is an active super volcano.

4. Yellowstone National Park is the only super volcano out of 30 that is located on land.

5. Old Faithful erupts every 91 minutes.