... because it´s your ENERGY !

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1000 Watts solar power - poly crystalline

1600 Watts/h lithium long life storage

plug-in & save

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and again another MILESTONE - the worlds most advanced solar technology for everybody.

The leading company for innovative energy- solutions, Sun Invention, presents his latest innovation.

Unpack, Plug-in and save. As easy as that. The four solar modules with integrated solar cell optimizer and the BASELOAD BUSTER Box - contains one special 4 panel controller, one Micro-Inverter and the lithium storage block with BMS - will be delivered READY TO PLUG to you and can be connected direct to the socket, on the balcony, on the garage or at/ in your home. The energy produced by the BASELOAD BUSTERS reduce the permanent consumption level in your home and CUT THE BILL.

With the EASY-CLICK system you can mount the 4 panels within seconds !

It´s high-end DIY solar - it´s YOUR ENERGY !

BASELOAD BUSTER DATA SHEETS download here please.

It can´t be easier! Unpack, mount and save money immediately.

The NEW dealer program 2015 - Register HERe

Join the network and participate on latest technologies for everyone. Sun Invention energize everything everywhere decentralized.

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