OR Sick Leave Leadership Training

CHR | Training Materials & Instructions

Oregon State Law Training

This email is a follow up to the announcement of the Oregon Bill 454 - Paid Sick Leave that became effective Jan 1, 2016. Below you will find training materials for leadership team at your work location. Continue to read this notice for further details, training and action items you must take in January.

Training Materials

Included with this training notice we have provided you with the following:

  • A training video on the new Oregon Sick Leave Law and what it means to you
  • Training Handout
  • Oregon Sick Leave Policy
  • CHR Vacation and Sick Time Policy
  • Oregon Sick Leave Poster
  • Electronic Knowledge Test and Acknowledgement Link
  • Certificate of Completion

You will be responsible for completing this training for yourself and arranging all supervisors at your location to watch the video training, complete the electronic knowledge test and acknowledgement form. All leaders who complete the knowledge test link and acknowledgement will receive a certificate of completion for their employment file.

All leadership training for Oregon SNF location on this topic must be completed by January 31. Please use this time to plan ahead for sessions. Training should take 30 minutes or less.

Training Instructions

Any person or persons who supervise, complete scheduling , and direct work of other employees at your location should complete this training.

Step 1:

Provide the leader with the Oregon Sick Leave Handout, Policy, and Poster.

Step 2: Have the leader watch the 15-minute training video

Step 3: Have the leader complete the online Knowledge Test provided through Survey Monkey link on this email. At the end of the Knowledge Test the leader will provide an acknowledgement of training.

Step 4: Issue the UP! Graduate Certificate and place a copy in their employment file.