1.Role of women in the middle ages

Life was hard as a women back then...


a women is a female human being.a wife.held difficult place in society.cooked,sewed,weaving,and spinning

2. Middle ages

The medieval period was a time it European history before the modern era. The middle ages cover over 1000 years from 500 AD to 1500 AD.

3. Women

Some women hunted for food and fought in battles they learned to use weapons to fight for homes and castles.Others were blacksmith merchants and apothecaries.Some were known as witches heeling and sorcery.

4. facts

A French peasant's daughter, Joan of Arc, or St. Joan, heard voices telling her to protect France against the English invasion. She dressed in armor and led her troops to victory in the early fifteenth century. "The Maid of Orleans" as she was known, was later burned as a witch.
Famous women of the Middle Ages include the writer Christine de Pisan; the abbess and musician Hildegard of Bingen; and the patron of the arts Eleanor of Aquitaine.


True or false. Do women have a big part in society?
Can women vote?


I think women should have a part in the feudal system

8.Hannah oliver 3rd peroid