Heat and Cold Scenarios *

Scenario- HEAT

It's a hot July summer day, when the phone rings. It is a boss screaming to 9-1-1 that one of his employer is acting strangely. Whenever the EMS got there, the boss explain that the man has been in the heat most of the day, he was unsure if he had had anything to drink or not. The EMS members brought along with them oxygen tank with refills, mask that allows air in and airways in case the person needed one. The victim was hot, sweaty, had cramps, was dizzy, pale and was complaining of being thirsty.

How to Handle This

If I was in this scenario I would first sit the man down somewhere cooler. Have him loosen any clothes; if he can. If not I would do that for him. Next, I would make him drink plenty of cold liquids; as his body is cooling down, it would need liquids to equal out. If able, I would allow the victim to take a cool shower or bath. If that is not able to be done, just wet his clothes enough so he could feel the coolness.