Cleaning Green with Norwex

Water and a cloth...need we say more?

You love green-cleaning!

Let's take our journey toward living simply to a whole new level. Come on over to our seminar about Norwex microfiber on April 14th and you'll see how you can ditch the chemical sprays, caustic wipes, and bundles of paper towels FOREVER!

Norwex Seminar at Soleil Wellness

Thursday, April 14th, 6:30pm

2011 Bennett Road

Victor, NY

We'll show you how Norwex microfiber actually removes surface microbes from countertops, to household appliances, to bathroom fixtures, just by adding water to these cloths. You'll also get to see the residues that are left behind by store-bought household chemicals that damage the long-term health and wellness of your family.
6:30 On-time Drawing for a Norwex Cloth

6:35 Intro to Norwex

6:45 Microfiber Demonstrations

7:30 You Try

7:45 Q&A

8:00 Ready to use Norwex?

8:15 Gratitude and Goodnight

Let's Minimize Our Exposure...

Did you know that women are at greater risk of cancer because the bulk of household cleaning falls onto our responsibility list? Taking the time to learn about how chemicals impact our lives is more important today than ever before.