Its a very clean lake

In Lake Huron the only thing you can see is rocks in the whole lake, also you can see fish too. Sometimes you can see sand but most times you cant even see the sand in the lake!
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water snakes

There are not that many water snakes in Lake Huron so don't be afraid. The water snakes are not piousness/venomous, they are not piousness because they are so small.


The weather in Lake Huron is very warm place because of the fact that it is a beach. Out of all the five great lake Lake Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Eire, and Superior
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History of Lake Huron

The lake was generally labeled "Lac des Hurons" (Lake of the Huron) on most early European maps. Lake Huron was made in 1913 when all the Great lakes were formed.
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Why take a walk on the beach when you can take a walk on Lake Huron?