Art Teacher

Have fun and learn art

1. What type of work you would do all day.

I would Demonstrate methods of sculpting,May plan student art contests and shows,Might supervise clubs and sports and social events,Work in both private and public schools.

2. Kind of work environment; indoors, outdoors or both.

I would like to work in the in/out doors i love anything to do with art.

3 . Working with people or alone.

I would like to work by myself.

4. Working with your hands, head or both.

Hands and Head

5.Earnings potential.

35,000 $ a year

6.A set schedule or viable hours.

I would like to work MON-FRI 1-4 5/7/8

7.Do you want to supervise others?

Yes I like to help people

8.What qualities do you have to succeed in this career?


9.Do you need some type of training or college? What kind, what is the timeframe?

About 4 years and yes you need a bachelors

10.How do you know you could do this type of work?

I am very artistic and i want to be a teacher so i picked a art teacher.