Why would zoology be for you?

By Liberty Thorp


Zoology is the study of animals and their behavior. You will need a bachelors degree in zoology, animal ecology or animal behavior to start out in this career field. Later you may want to specialize in one of the many fields of zoology, such as: Ecology (animal environments), Herpetology (reptiles), Entomology (insects), or Paleontology (fossil remains) to name a few. Many of the jobs in zoology include field research so you would have variable hours and sometimes be overseas studying wild animals in their natural habitat for a period of time. The normal salary is between $37,150 - $95,460, depending on your level of education and specialty.

What I find interesting about zoology.

Zoology = the study of animals. I love animals! Getting paid to study the things I love would be the chance of a lifetime. An added bonus on top of all that is the potential for adventure everyday. To be living and working around all types of animals would be a dream. There would never be dull day.