Antarctic Seals

An icy world

Subantarctic fur seal

Scientific Name: Arctocephalus tropicallis

Weight: the average female is usually about 35 kg and the male is around 88- 165 kg

Length: females are around 1.4 m and the male is 2 m long

Breeding Age: 2-4 years for females and approximately 8 years for males

November to early January is the breeding season

The fur seal stops feeding off there mothers milk at age 10 months

The predicted age to live is 25 years at females and 20 years for males this is the age that most of the fur seals die but some can live longer

Subantarctic fur seal name derivation

Arctocephalus roughly translates to 'bear headed' , the specific name 'tropicallis' is from the Greek word 'tropikos' , meaning tropical . The species was first identified from a specimen mistakenly thought to have come from the south coast of Australia

What do I eat? I eat Myktophid fish and some squid

Southern elephant seal

Scientific Name: Mirounga leonina

Weight: the average female is around 360- 800 kg however males get to about 3700 kg but although they can reach up to 5000 kg

Length: females 2.5- 4.0 m but males get up to 4.5 - 6.5 m

Breeding age: 2- 6 is about the right age for females however approximately 10 years for males

Breeding season: September - October

The age they stop feeding on there mothers milk is 3.0 - 3.5 weeks

The predicted age for females to live is 25 years and 15 years for males

Southern elephant seal name derivation

The name (Mirounga) is from 'mirong' a name given to these seals by Australian Aboridginals , and leonina is Latin for lion

What do I eat? I eat fish and squid

What eats me? Killer whales and leopard seals

Antarctic fur seal

Scientific name: Arctocephalus gazella

Weight: Females: 45 kg; males: 188 kg

Length: Females: 1.2 m; males: 1.9 m

Breeding age: 3-4 years for females, 7 years for males

Breeding frequency: Annual

Breeding season: November - late December

The age they stop feeding on their mothers milk is aproximatley 4 months

Longevity: 23 years for females, 15 years for males



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Antarctica - Kellie Mcdonald

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