I Refuse

Claudette Colvin

My Right

"It's my constitutional right to sit here as much as that lady. I paid my fare, it's my constitutional right."( Bio.com)

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“I couldn’t get up that day,” recalled Claudette, years later. “History kept me stuck to my seat.

Although black leaders did not select Claudette as their “poster child” for the subsequent Montgomery Bus Boycott — instead opting nine months later for 42-year-old Rosa Parks — the Colvin case provided tactical and political information that was later useful to boycott leaders.

The Court decided that Montgomery’s bus segregation was in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment, a huge victory for civil rights.

Claudette Colvin
I believe during this time so much was going on. Nothing was rite. They treated colored people so different like they were trash. Just put yourself in these people shoes, being forced to sit in the back of an bus feeling the pain this horrible pain.
Claudette Colvin
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She refused to give up her seat on a bus months before Rosa Parks' more famous protest.(Bio.com)

"I was really afraid, because you just didn't know what white people might do at that time,"

She was really afraid because not many people made these kind of decisions. Especially women. Feeling counted out is how I would feel.

One of the first women to give up her seat in Alabama in the 1950s months before Rosa Park’s protest.

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The Other Rosa Parks: Now 73, Claudette Colvin Was First to Refuse Giving Up Seat on Montgomery Bus

Nine Months Before...

Nine months before Rosa Parks had an incident.
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Thursday, March 2nd 1995 at 12am

Alabama, United States


Claudette was arrested
Who Inspired "the Other" Rosa Parks?