Statistician Wanted!

Educated in Statistics? Consider MyBaby!

MyBaby needs Statisicians!

MyBaby is a company designed to help couples determine how their baby will turn out using traditional genetics and high-end technology. To ensure that we are being accurate, we need someone skilled in statistics to guide us in the right direction. The company is brand new; we are ready to go public, but we need someone with a statistics degree or background to smooth out our edges. If you have suggestions along the way, great! We are open to new ideas - we love innovation! Eventually (in the very near future) we are looking to have technology available that will enable us to alter some genes of babies to their parents' liking. We need your help!

Since this is a new company with a goal unlike any other, there isn't really any precedent. We're not entirely sure what you will be doing yet since most of what you do is determined by you and what you think will help the company.

This is a job unlike any other, at a company unlike any other. Creativity is always welcomed here and we pride ourselves on our well-educated and personable staff, so come join the MyBaby family!

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  • Preferably a four-year degree in either Statistics or Genetics with a minor/other schooling in the other. Graduate degrees are recommended.
  • Job experience or any internships we would like to know about.

Why Choose MyBaby?

  • MyBaby is a company with a goal unlike any other - you won't find this job anywhere else!
  • We're located in the heart of Manhattan, a wonderful place to live with endless opportunities

Job Description

Considering that MyBaby strives for a goal that others have neglected, there really isn't any precedent, we're blazing our own trail! There is not any exact job description yet since most of what you will do will be determined through meeting with us and what you think will help the company be successful. We are looking for a team of Statistical Genetic Analysts, so you would be working among fellow researchers.

Exact salary to be determined. Starting salary may be around $50,000 but with experience with the company, it could very possibly reach $85,000.