Welcome to Miranda's Open House!

Mrs. Smith's 6th Grade Science

Earthquake PBL

Our Earthquake PBL was to build a stable house that could withstand earthquakes for Tony Stark in California. Driving Question: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? We had to make sure the house was a low risk location of earthquakes. We chose Tony Stark's home location at El Dorado, California. We used many different kinds of earthquake resistant technologies. Our design for Tony Stark's house was to add crossbraces out of straws and tension ties out of string to stabilize the sides of the house.

30 Hands Project

I learned about all the different causes that lead to Global Warming and the greenhouse effect. I learned of all the sources that were polluting the air. I got to see how animals homes like polor bears were being melted. I enjoyed learning about what each cause did so I would remeber to not do it. I also like using the 30 Hand Project app because you could record each slide seperately.

Invention Convention

Our invention solved the use of to much energy and water. Our invention helps solve this problem because we created a device that can control the amount of water in a shower you use. There are minutes and gallons that you can There is also a water heater that gets its warmness from solar panels. The water from the shower is put in a pipe that goes around the water heater to make the water warmer.

The Atmosphere

My favorite unit this year was the atmosphere. I liked to learn about if air had mass and how heat was transfered. We learned so much about each layer and what it did for us. My favorite expriment was the candle experiment. I liked to guess what would happen to the candle. One of my favorite activities was the layers of the atmosphere activity. It was fun to draw and find out what each layer did. I also like the hot and cold movements lab. We got to see if the warmer cup or cooler cup would go down or up.