John D Rockofeller

By Logan Keck


He was into the oil business. he hardly had any composition because there wasn't a lot of people were into the oil.

Advantages and Disadcantages

One of the advantages of being in the oil business is that you could control how much you sell your product for. One of the disadvantages are there wouldn't be any compaction for you.

treated compaction

He treated people good because he didn't have anyone to compete with. Everyone called him a good guy but really he wasn't. He over charged his customers.

Treated workers

He treated his workers bad because they needed jobs and they wouldn't quit so he could treat them like he wanted.

Spent Money

He gave his money to chariest. He spent his money smart but not always on what he should have.

Robber Baron

He was a bad guy because he treated his workers bad and he over charged his workers which means he was stealing money