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and our Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

Staff Holidays

While these lucky people are away, this is what it will look like.

The National Quality Standard (NQS)

The National Quality Standard (NQS) is a key aspect of the National Quality Framework (NQF) and sets a national benchmark for early childhood education and care services.

As the NQF progresses, every service in the country will be assessed to make sure it meets the new quality standard. To ensure children enjoy the best possible conditions in their early educational and developmental years, the NQS promotes continuous improvement in quality.

Assessment and rating Process

The NQS introduced ratings for children's education and care services. Each service receives and overall rating and a rating for each Quality Area:

QA1: Educational Program and Practice

QA2: Children's Health and Safety

QA3: Physical Environment

QA4: Staffing Arrangements

QA5: Relationships with Children

QA6: Collaborative Partnerships with Families

QA7: Leadership and Service Management

There are five rating levels within the national quality rating and assessment process:

  • Excellent rating – awarded by ACECQA
  • Exceeding National Quality Standard
  • Meeting National Quality Standard
  • Working Towards National Quality Standard
  • Significant Improvement Required

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

As part of the assessment and rating process all services are required to have a Quality Improvement Plan (QIP). The aim of a QIP is to help providers self-assess their performance in delivering quality education and care and to plan future improvements. The QIP also helps the regulatory authorities with their assessment of the service.

A QIP helps providers to document the strengths of their services and to recognise areas for improvement.


We have recently reviewed our QIP. If you would like to have a read of what we are aiming for, it will be located in the foyer outside the office.
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Responsible Person in Day to Day Charge of the Centre: Who is this?

NQS 7.1.5 : Adults working with children and those engaged in management of the service of residing on the premises and fit and proper

Related sections of National Law/ Regulation:

7.1.5: Applicant must be fit and proper

Education and Care Services National Law Part 4; Div 1 (105: Purpose of Supervisor Certificate)

"A supervisor certificate makes the person to whom it is issued eligible to be placed in day to day charge of an approved education and care service"

Each service must have a person who has been approved as a "suitable" responsible person in charge of the service. We are issued with Certified Supervisor certificates and have had comprehensive training around the Regulations and recommended practise with regard to all areas of responsibility.

This nominated person is Rukmini and in her absence it is Tara.

As Rukmini and Tara will be away, Guzel will be the nominated person in day to day charge of the Service with others for back up.

The following is a list of additional certified supervisors at the Centre:

Nikki Dunne

Wadia Alam

Trupti Desai

Meherun Nessa

Dinata Thedja

Josephine Yating Chang

Kinder Room Groups Model - Phase 2

Thank you all for your feedback in regards to the Kinder room routine and groups. After reviewing the model with educators, children and families we have come up with the following routine/ plan for the day. These changes are based on your feedback and primarily focussed on providing increased opportunity for children to mix within the age groups.

8:15am - 10am Mixed age groups

10am - 12pm Two groups (group one inside and group two outside)

12pm - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 1:15pm Rest and or sleep

1:15pm - 3pm Two groups (group one outside and group two inside)

3pm Mixed age groups and afternoon tea

We hope this provides the balance of mixed age groups and meeting the children's developmental stages that became apparent from the surveys.

Your feedback has been very valuable in reviewing this process and we endeavour to review this again in 2-3 months. Please feel free to touch base with educators if you have any queries or concerns.

Thanks again,

Kinder Room