Birth control pill

In the 1950s

1950's birth control

1950's birth control pill. This is what one of the many packages looked like.

Information about 1950's birth control

Margaret Sanger was one of the first inventors of the birth control pill.

Around the late 1905's and the early 1960's ABORTION was taking place " illegal abortion was being performed by doctors...".

The factor of American society that made this invention possible was mostly the baby boomers.

The baby boomer era is what made the rise to birth control.the popularity grew once more women found out about this new invention.

This invention changed the American society because women were able to now go get jobs or an education for them selfs.Also it changed the sexually relations between married/unmarried couples so that there not constantly having babies. This helped because women would not have so little time because of there children.

I feel this invention was a good be because this decreases teen pregnancy also pregnancy in general.It was a turning point for women because they would have more freedom within the community and it is more socially acceptable.for instance one argument is teen pregnancy is more prevented,also more young people are taking responsibility for there actions,lastly more people are happy with their "childless" relationships.

Before birth control

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after birth control

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Frequently asked questions about birth control

Can you remeber to take the birth control at the same time every day?

How do I know which birth control pill will work for me?

Will the birth control pill make me gain weight?

If I take the pill for more than a year should I take a break?

Answers to questions above

It depends on your time schedule and your memory skills.

It also depends on what your comfortable with.There are many types of birth control,if you research the types it will be easier to choose from your options.

This vary from person to person also have your doctor answer this question about your choose of birth control.

It would be good for you to take a break from the birth control too.But this will increase your chances of getting pregnant.