My Digital Dossier

what and where I have been on the world wide web

Where i have been on the internet

Before i was born i had a digital dossier it started when my mom took pictures of me in her stomach and posted it on facebook after i was born she took a picture of me show it to the whole family on Skype i was the cutest baby.when i started to get older going on the internet was a normal thing my first account was neo pets and my real face was my profile pic. In 2009 that was on of the best online games ever but when i started to get to double digits i got more serious movie star planet and my school email which i had to use my real information and I had to use my own email. i got my first Facebook account in the fourth grade and put my real information and posted a picture of myself it was the new craze so it was exciting.when i was in 6th grade i got my Instagram which I still have to this day and posted some real crazy things on there but I am planning to remove it because my life should not revolve around a screen

What i have been on,on the internet

I have been on many games and social media but here are a few I was on a game called neo pets which was very addictive and i spent of my time on there i had to make a email account to be able to use it so i lied about my age,i have been on oovoo i used it because at the time i was moving and i wanted to be able to contact my friends and video chat that is also the year i got my Facebook and it was for the same reason,when i got to Canada i didn't know anyone so I didn't use social media but when i got to sixth grade i made a Instagram account because i had a lot of friends.

What i have learned from being online

I have learned that life can be just as interesting if you don't post everything and think that i don't need social media because it may effect me when i am older and i want a good job.Also i have learned that everything you post online is there forever it doesn't matter if you delete it, ti will always be there no matter what