By: Tyler Mennig

The Atomic Mass of Tylrite

The Atomic Mass of this Element Is Exactly 56.245g.

Tylrite's discoverers Are Airen Falkenberg And Brian Mennig

Locations Tylrite can be found are Sandiego California and Haslet Texas.

Tylrite's Physical Properties.

1.Surface: Joyful, Quiet, And Smartish.

2.Boils when: His Sibling Burst Into The Room.

3.Melts if: it is Near a Baby Pit-bull.

4.Can Cause Pain If Annoyed.

5.Can Become Stubborn And Unyielding if Forced To Do Something it Doesn't Want to do.

Tylrite's Chemical Properties

1. Repelled By: Annoying People.

2. Attracted To: Large quantities of Sweets.

3. May Explode Spontaneously: if music it likes plays.

4. Requires Copious amounts of: Netflix.

5. Is Impervious/un-reacting to: others insults.