Kingdom of Egypt

By Matthew Rodriguez

The Old Kingdom

The rise of the Third dynasty in about 2650 BC is the beginning of a long period of a stable known as the Old Kingdom, it lasted about 500 years, the old Kingdom created a lot of the stuff witch the civilization its best known for.

The Pyramids

The most famous symbols of Ancient Egypt were the pyramids, most of the were built during the Old Kingdom. They were built at tombs for the past rulers of Egypt for when they died, they sometimes placed traps in the pyramids because they would sometimes place treasures with the bodies.

The Pharaohs and Egyptian Bureaucracy

The king was known as the Pharaoh (head of the Government). The term means "great house", they has the most power in Egypt. They owned the land and the Country. The king (pharaoh) was too big to rule Egypt along so he established a bureaucracy, a highly structured organization manged by officials were the pharaoh's relatives.

Th Middle Kingdom

Eventually the kings in the Old Kingdom lost power when the Middle Kingdom came a long. Local nobles began to assert their own authority over the pharaoh. The government of Old Egypt collapsed around 2100 BC, in about 2055 BC a new dynasty came into power and began the Middle Kingdom.

The New Kingdom