Tech Savvy Ideas for the Classroom

Volume 1, Edition 3 curated by Kirsten Wilson, NISD IT Coach

Did you know....

As we move to being Google Apps for Education (GAFE) users there are a few things they may help.

First, be sure that you have updated Internet Explorer(IE) to the most current version. (To do that go to > downloads> Internet Explorer> download/update.)

Second, be sure that you and your students have shared with the domain so that you can search their sites, and they can search yours.

Finally, there are lots of sites with suggestions and how-to guides with Google accounts and sites. A good idea is to look at how current the guide is. Google is constantly updating so the more current the suggestions or how-to guides are the more reliable the information. Also, a Netschool course has been created by Rene Egle and Susan Fitzgerald giving guides to many ways Teachers and Students can utilize all aspects of your Google Account.

Don't forget to join #nisdNOV8 chat both on November 19th with Dr. Rob Thornell, Executive Director of Staff Development, discussing ePortfolios. Also, on December 10th join Rene Egle, IT Coach and Sue Fitzgerald, Library Media Specialist as they lead the #nisdNOV8 chat a discussion on Google Drive and the ways to collaborate with Google accounts. The chat is every Tuesday from 8:30pm to 9:00pm.

February 27th at Northwest High School

We are coming up on another exciting year showcasing student products at Techno Expo. As you collect student exemplars for SBBBs, PBLs and DBQs consider technology pieces that students created that represent great integration of content, learning and technology. Netschool is set up and ready to accept submissions. Your campus CTL, IT coach and IT leadership team are great resources for any questions you may have. Deadlines for submissions are coming soon so be looking for those quality student products to showcase.

A few more ideas for those wanting more... is a fun collaborative Web 2.0 application where classes can collaboratively write and publish a story. Online publishing is free. A hard bound copy is available for purchase. is a link to a How-to Guide to generate multiple QR codes in a Google Spreadsheet. This can even be set up and shared with students in Middle School or High School where they cut and paste their product into the QR Creator Google Spreadsheet and then the teacher can print off the spreadsheet with QR codes ready to go for displaying student product. is another resource to make available for students to improve their typing skills. There are a limited amount of activities made available for free with and small fee associated with this site if you want more activities.