France has an popluation of 66 million people

France's currency is named the Euro........ 1 Euro equals 1.12 US Dollar

This is what the Euro looks like

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  • Knows how to rule, the government creates as much division as possible to be the sole ruler
  • Is in good terms with Germany


  • Is very unpopular
  • Claims to be socialist, but is liberal thus creating confusion
  • Failed to honour its promises
  • Does not hesitate to go around democracy by using political techniques (decrees, 49/3 et cetera)

Trading with my country is very hard because France is a high-end country and they like very expensive products as you can tell from my imports and exports info above.


Based off of the information i reasearched about france, France is a very expensive and socialist country. France is one of Europe’s largest countries. It is bordered by six countries other nations.