Winfield Weekly

August 31, 2015


Monday, August 31

mClass Testing

Tuesday, September 1

mClass Testing

Jillian-Elementary Principal's Meeting (Out of Building) 9:00-12:00 p.m.

Wednesday, September 2

School PD @ 8:05 a.m. (Media Center) TOPIC: iObservation/Marzano

Device Rollout Day!

mClass Testing

Thursday, September 3

Corporation Monthly PD @ 8:05 a.m. (Media Center)

mClass Testing

Friday, September 4

Grade Level Meetings @ 8:05 a.m. (Team Leader's Classrooms)

mClass Testing

Welcome to Winfield's Newest Staff Members!

Notes and Other News...

  • Remember to charge devices for Wednesday's rollout.
  • In the short time that teachers have been given access to the color printer, we have already needed to order new ink. To re-ink the printer, the cartridges cost $1,000. It is very possible that we will not be able to re-order ink if the heavy use continues. Please only print what is necessary in color.
  • This weekend the copy rooms were cleaned up/organized. Big thanks to Anita and hubby! Please be courteous and clean up after yourself when copying/using materials in the copy rooms.
  • PAPER!!!! Lots of copy paper has been wasted recently. Big stacks of printed paper (and unclaimed) copies were left. Please be careful when copying to minimize waste.

Teacher To-Do's

  1. Complete mClass with fidelity.
  2. Begin STAR testing.
  3. Submit your weekly newsletter via email (preferred).
  4. Once checked out, keep your Chromebooks in a safe spot. They are not to be turned on, but need to be fully charged on September 2nd. See Jennifer Manz with questions.
  5. Please make sure your students are ready and packed at dismissal time. If you have the last special of the day, they should be packed before they go.
  6. Many transportation changes have occurred in the last week. Please make sure you know how your children are traveling home from school.

Pint-Sized PD

Educator's Toolbox

No matter if you are a seasoned teacher, new to the classroom, or an educational leader reviewing and relearning best practices are always good ideas. That's why this school year we will be including easy to use, ready to go tips that you can share with all the educators in your life.

Using Doug Lemov's Team Like a Champion series as a starting off point, let's make sure all our students are heard.

Strategy #1: No Opt Out

At any given time, there's a good chance that at least one student needs a little redirection. This issue becomes most obvious when a student responds with "I don't know." In a high-performing classroom "I don't know" cannot be the end of the conversation. Instead an instructor can employ a "No Opt Out" philosophy.

Using this strategy, a teacher has four possible choices whenever a student can't or doesn't answer a question asked.

1. The teacher can provide the answer and then have the student repeat the correct response.

2. Another student can provide the correct answer and then the original student repeats the correct response.

3. The teacher can provide cues to help the student get to the correct answer.

4. Another student can provide cues to the help the original student find the answer.

Strategy #2: Cold Call

In traditional classrooms, students raised their hands and the teacher called on those students. Today we all do everything we can to make sure that every student in the room is ready, understands, and is heard. Cold Call helps teachers and students easily. To use Cold Call an instructor calls on any student in the room regardless of a raised hand.

Cold Call helps an instructor maintain a pace in his/her room while at the same time pushing all the students in the room.

Strategy #3: Call and Response

All of our students want a chance to participate. Using a group response can improve both the enthusiasm and the engagement in a class. Additionally Call and Response reinforces key concepts.

There are many types of Call and Response:

  • Repeat
    • Students repeat what a teacher just said or they finish a commonly used phrase.
  • Report
    • Students work on a question/problem. Then they call out the answer in unison.
  • Reinforce
    • Students repeat the answer that was just given by either the teacher or another student.
  • Review
    • The teacher asks a review question, and the students call out the answer.
  • Solve
The teacher asks students to solve a problem in real time, and the students call out the answer.