Yonnie Leake Amazing Tech Projects

Auyonna Leake


This Smore poster will be displaying my AMAZING projects that I have done over the semester in Technology class
A Princess

By Auyonna Leake

A Princess

I learned how to create and publish my own children's storybook and also how to grade others stories. This Story was about a young girl who was waiting for her fairy tale ending in modern day. I learned how to grade and give advice to other classmates while doing this project. I consider this one of my best because it was my favorite thing to do and I honestly put a lot of effort into this project.


I learned how to edit and alter an image from this project. I also learned how much an image can really affect a person and how the power of pictures is very strong. I consider this one of my best too because I think I did a very good job at making my objects in the picture look newer and better.

Andrew Hussie

We did this project on Thematic.com . I did my project on the celebrities that I love and adore. I consider this one of my best because it was fun to do and research all my favorite celebrities
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This was one of the poster that I made off the Canva website. I found the quote that I used to be very inspiring.

What I Learned From this Class and Theses Projects

  • I learned a lot of new websites from this class, such as smore and canva.com which are great websites to use for my other classes if I have to make a project.

  • I also learned how to alter and edit a image to my liking using photoshop.
  • I learned how to make online read aloud story
  • I learned lots of new websites to use on a daily basis

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A Princess

We made digital audio versions of our books that we wrote on the app Story BIrd and we got to listen and comment on other stories giving advice.
My Tagul Cloud

This is an image made up of various words that mean something important.