Jessica Ann Wachel

Former Drill Team Jr. Lieutenant Jessica Ann Wachel

Jessica Ann Wachel

Before graduating from La Porte High School in the spring of 2009, Jessica Ann Wachel held multiple leadership positions on the drill team. For one year, Jessica Ann Wachel was a Jr. Lieutenant. The Jr. Lieutenant is a couple steps below the captain rank, a rank Jessica Ann Wachel held during her senior year, but still requires a lot of responsibility. Jr. Lieutenants are usually assigned a group of team members to direct and watch over.

Traveling Through Texas with Jessica Ann Wachel

Jessica Ann Wachel lives in San Marcos, Texas. There, she is a nursing student at St. David’s School of Nursing. Jessica Ann Wachel spends a lot of her time studying to become a nurse. However, over the years, she has had time to explore different areas throughout Texas. Jessica Ann Wachel loves Texas, and she has enjoyed being able to travel to different hotspots around the Lone Star State. Below, Jessica Ann Wachel would like to share some of her favorite travel spots around Texas.

Botanic Garden in Fort Worth

Jessica Ann Wachel says that she loves Fort Worth, as there is a lot to do there. One of her favorite places to visit in the area is the Botanic Garden. Jessica Ann Wachel says that the garden is a great place to take the entire family. She also says that it is great for a quiet date as well.

Water Wall in Houston

Jessica Ann Wachel says that Houston is a great city because it offers a great deal of things to do. In fact, Jessica Ann Wachel says that there is so much to do that sometimes you just need to take a break! That is why she recommends the Water Wall. There, you can sit under the spray of a refreshing mist offered by the fountain.

Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West in Amarillo

Texas is known for is their cowboys and cowgirls. That is why Jessica Ann Wachel recommends that you check out Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West for many fun Old West activities.

Getting into Nursing School with Jessica Ann Wachel

Jessica Ann Wachel is currently enrolled at St. David’s School of Nursing. Jessica Ann Wachel is experiencing just how difficult nursing school is. However, she is also experiencing the rewards that come with the knowledge that in a few short years she will be able to help ease the suffering of the ill and injured. Jessica Ann Wachel knows what it takes to get accepting into nursing school. Below, she wishes to share a few tips that helped her become a nursing student.

· Take prerequisite courses. Jessica Ann Wachel says that any nursing school will have a list of prerequisite courses that students will need to complete. Jessica Ann Wachel advises that you take as many of these courses as you can before you begin applying to the nursing school. She also advises that you work hard to get the best possible grades, as this will increase your chance of getting in.

· Get practical experience. Jessica Ann Wachel says that something that nursing schools are looking for is for their students to have practical experience. Jessica Ann Wachel says that you should volunteer at a local hospital or clinic, or get a job in a healthcare field if you have the time. You may even be able to secure a job at your college health clinic.

Network with nursing students. Jessica Ann Wachel says that it is a good idea to begin networking with existing nursing students. Jessica Ann Wachel says to introduce yourself to the Nursing Chair’s office as well.

Reasons why Jessica Ann Wachel Loves Family

Family is very important to Jessica Ann Wachel. She always loves spending time with her family and never takes the opportunity for granted. Jessica Ann Wachel understands that not everyone is blessed enough to have a great family life, but if you do she suggests taking full advantage of it. Here are a few reasons why Jessica Ann Wachel loves the idea of family so much:

(1) Family is there for you.

This sounds a little cliché, but is quite true. Jessica Ann Wachel’s family is always there for her, no matter the situation. Whether she is in a troubling situation, or celebrating an exciting event, Jessica Ann Wachel’s family is right by her side the entire way. In a world where you can’t count on anything for certain, you should be able to count on your family.

(2) Family teaches you.

Jessica Ann Wachel has learned a lot from her family. Her parents have taught her responsibility, hard work, honesty, and much more. You can learn a lot in a classroom, but there are certain things you can only learn from family. One of the things Jessica Ann Wachel learned from a young age was how to work together. Jessica Ann Wachel learned that when people work together, good things can happen.

(3) Family supports you.

When you fall on hard times, who is going to be there to pick you back up? Most often times it will be your family. Jessica Ann Wachel knows that her family would do anything to help her succeed, even if she’s fallen down.

What Do Jessica Ann Wachel’s Friends Say About Her?

Jessica Ann Wachel has many friends, something that is a testament to her character and personality. But why are so many people attracted to her? Jessica Ann Wachel’s friends have nothing but good things to say about her, so her likeability comes as no surprise.

First off, Jessica Ann Wachel’s friends consistently say that she is one of the most loving and caring individuals they know. Jessica Ann Wachel would do anything for her friends, something they have seen put into practice many times. She has a huge heart that is always looking to help people in both good and bad situations.

Secondly, Jessica Ann Wachel is extremely reliable. When Jessica Ann Wachel says she will be somewhere, she is always there. Friends know they can count on her, and this dependability and reliability is one of the things that make her such a good friend.

Third, Jessica Ann Wachel is fun to be around. She has a spontaneous personality that rubs off on everyone around her. People love being around Jessica Ann Wachel because things are never dull or boring. She never settles for doing the routine, but always wants to try new things.

A fourth, but certainly not last, reason people like being friends with Jessica Ann Wachel is for her ability to listen. Jessica Ann Wachel is known for her ability to listen to people and provide advice, even in tough situations. People continually bring their problems and issues to Jessica Ann Wachel, and she always knows the right thing to do.

Jessica Ann Wachel’s Favorite Season

Like many people, Jessica Ann Wachel’s favorite season of the year is fall. She loves fall for many different reasons, including the weather, holidays, food, and football.

The fall season comes as a relief to most Texans across the state, and Jessica Ann Wachel is no different. After a long hot summer, Jessica Ann Wachel relishes the cool autumn weather that October brings with it. She also enjoys the turning colors of the trees and falling leaves. You can often find Jessica Ann Wachel enjoying a backyard bonfire during a fall night.

Another reason for Jessica Ann Wachel’s love of fall is Thanksgiving. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys spending time with family and friends, including some she doesn’t get to see often. Two of the things that revolve around Thanksgiving at Jessica Ann Wachel’s house are food and football. These are the last two reasons she loves fall.

Jessica Ann Wachel’s favorite fall foods are pumpkin pie, smoked turkey, and dressing. Her family usually does Thanksgiving dinner potluck style, with everyone bringing a different menu item.

And last, but certainly not least, is Jessica Ann Wachel’s love of football. Thanksgiving weekend brings arguably the best football of the year. Big time NFL games are always played on Thanksgiving Day, and important college football games usually fill out the weekend. Jessica Ann Wachel points out that most of the big rivalries in college football take place on Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a favorite pastime in the Wachel household to eat Thanksgiving dinner and follow it up by watching football on the couch.

Things Jessica Ann Wachel Looks for in Friends

Jessica Ann Wachel is known as a people-person, but that doesn’t mean she takes her friendships lightly. Jessica Ann Wachel looks for certain things when making friends, and has found the following traits to be worth looking for:

1) Honesty

This is the number one thing Jessica Ann Wachel looks for in friends. It is impossible to maintain a healthy friendship without honesty. Jessica Ann Wachel believes friends should be able to be open and honest with each other at all times.

2) Trustworthiness

This goes hand-in-hand with honesty, but Jessica Ann Wachel also looks for trustworthiness. You must be able to trust your friends, because they know so much about you. Jessica Ann Wachel often tells her friends things she wouldn’t tell just anyone, and she trusts them not to share those things with other people.

3) Mutual Interests

While having friends with some different interests is always good, you also want to make sure you have some mutual interests. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys doing things she loves with her friends, so she always looks for friends who like to do similar things. If you like the outdoors, find friends who like camping and hiking. If you like movies, like Jessica Ann Wachel does, find friends who will go to the movies with you.

4) Spontaneity

There is a difference between being crazy and spontaneous, and Jessica Ann Wachel looks for the latter in her friends. Friendships can be boring and stale without a little spontaneity in them, so choose people who encourage spontaneity.

Jessica Ann Wachel on Nursing School

Jessica Ann Wachel is a student at the St. David’s School of Nursing at Texas State University, and she has found the work to be exciting and challenging. While Jessica Ann Wachel often finds herself busy with schoolwork, she wouldn’t trade it for anything. Below are a few reasons why Jessica Ann Wachel believes everyone should at least consider nursing school when going to college.

First off, Jessica Ann Wachel wants to be a nurse because of the ability you have to help people. As a nurse you are constantly face to face with opportunities to improve someone’s quality of life. This gives Jessica Ann Wachel hope for a fulfilling career that will never be boring.

That leads right into Jessica Ann Wachel’s second point. Being a nurse is intellectually stimulating, because you hardly ever see the same thing twice. Unlike a desk job where you sit at a computer all day crunching numbers, being a nurse changes day-to-day. People have different symptoms, needs, and stories. Jessica Ann Wachel thinks she will enjoy getting to know different people every day.

Thirdly, Jessica Ann Wachel believes that nurses can always find a job. Even in a recession, people need doctors and nurses. People are always getting sick, so nurses will never go out of style. Jessica Ann Wachel sees the nursing profession as a steady and stable source of future income.

There are many more reasons to attend nursing school, but these are three of the reasons Jessica Ann Wachel chose to. Choose it for yourself and you might discover a few more.

Jessica Ann Wachel’s Favorite Social Media Platforms

If there is one thing Jessica Ann Wachel loves about the internet, it is social media. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys staying connected with friends and family members even when they live far apart. Jessica Ann Wachel participates in a lot of different social media platforms, but she has a few favorites. Here are Jessica Ann Wachel’s favorites and why:

(1) Facebook

Jessica Ann Wachel loves Facebook for its many uses and popularity. Just about everyone you know, yes even your parents, are on Facebook. This makes it a great opportunity to connect with people. Facebook also does a great job of providing a ton of different uses. Jessica Ann Wachel can post pictures, videos, interesting articles, send private messages, tell people how she is feeling, and research various companies and products.

(2) Twitter

Jessica Ann Wachel joined Twitter after Facebook, but it comes in at a close second. Jessica Ann Wachel goes to Twitter for all of her news. She likes the quick, short nature of the platform. Users can only use 140 characters to share their thoughts, something that does away with unnecessary words for the most part. Jessica Ann Wachel follows a variety of different users, from friends and family members to news sources and celebrities.

(3) Instagram

Instagram is quickly rising the ranks in Jessica Ann Wachel’s list of favorite social media platforms. Instagram allows her to post really neat pictures for all of her friends to see. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys scrolling through her ‘feed’ and seeing what her friends are doing.

Jessica Ann Wachel on Balancing Work, School, and Life

Jessica Ann Wachel has learned a lot over the last four years while being a student at Texas State University, including how to balance a busy schedule. Jessica Ann Wachel knows that life can sometimes feel like a balancing act, especially when trying to be a fulltime student and hold a job at the same time. Here are few tips from Jessica Ann Wachel on how to make that act a little easier and less stressful:

  • The most important thing is organization. The only way Jessica Ann Wachel is able to do so many things at once is by staying structured and organized. Jessica Ann Wachel advises people to invest in a nice, detailed planner or organizer. Find one that has monthly and weekly views, with enough room for writing in everything you have to do. Whenever you find out about something, write it down. This allows you to check out your week before it starts and see what you have to do. Jessica Ann Wachel also notes that this allows you to say no to things.
  • That leads to the second point: learn to say no! There was a point in time when Jessica Ann Wachel tried to do a little bit of everything. Since then she has learned the art of saying ‘no.’ Nobody can do it all, so prioritize what you can and cannot do. People will understand.
  • It is also vitally important to have a stress outlet. Jessica Ann Wachel knows that balancing a hectic life can bring lots of stress. Find regular time to exercise or relax.

Why Jessica Ann Wachel Loves Texas

Texas is probably most famous for its state-pride. Jessica Ann Wachel sure has a lot of it and would like to share her top three reasons why.

1. Great People

Jessica Ann Wachel ultimately loves Texas because of the charming people that reside in the state. The state of Texas is known for its generous, welcoming, and cordial citizens, something visitors find refreshing. Jessica Ann Wachel assures outsiders that they will receive a “howdy” and a smile before leaving. On another note, thousands of famous people would call themselves Texans. Some of the most famous include George Jones, Howard Hughes, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ben Hogan, and Beyoncé.

2. Great Food

Texas is also famous for fantastic food. Jessica Ann Wachel notes that two particular cuisines have been perfected in the state, Tex-Mex and Texas Barbeque. Jessica Ann Wachel defines Tex-Mex as a combination of traditional Mexican flavors and American cooking techniques. Typical Tex-Mex food includes nachos, fajitas, quesadillas, and burritos. Texas Barbeque is particularly unique from the rest of the country. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys it so much because they rely on beef instead of pork. Texas Barbeque is usually served with another famous state food: Texas Toast.

(3) Great Football

You can’t completely understand the state’s greatness without understanding football. The state of Texas loves every level of football, including Pop Warner, high school, college, and the NFL. Jessica Ann Wachel believes no other state can stack up to Texas when it comes to football craziness. Just spend a fall weekend in the state and you will understand.

Jessica Ann Wachel’s Top Reasons to Attend Texas State University

Jessica Ann Wachel is a nursing student at Texas State University’s St. David’s School of Nursing and loves being there. In fact, Jessica Ann Wachel is so passionate about Texas State University that she would like to give readers a few of her top reasons for attending the school located in San Marcos, Texas.

According to Jessica Ann Wachel, one of the greatest parts about attending Texas State University is the reasonable tuition. Students can expect to pay tuition similar to a community college, but still receive a quality education. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys being able to attend Texas State, versus a community college, because she is able to learn a lot more independence by being away from home.

Jessica Ann Wachel notes that the center of campus is located right next to the beautiful San Marcos River. Students enjoy taking walks and jogs by the river, as well as tubing and swimming during the hot months. In addition, the school has many nicely renovated buildings that add to the aesthetically pleasing nature of campus. Jessica Ann Wachel enjoys relaxing on one of the many benches between classes and taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling campus.

As mentioned before, Texas State offers very reasonable tuition fees, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on the education. Jessica Ann Wachel points out that Texas State has one of the top Geography programs in the country, an excellent business school, and many other rising programs, such as nursing and pre-law.

Jessica Ann Wachel

Jessica Ann Wachel