The Night Owls Team Newsletter

December 2014

Amy Derkowski

Enrolled ~ June 2012

Senior Consultant ~ Sept. 2012

Director ~ March 2013

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Hello Night Owls!

It's not too late to earn any and all levels for Ready, Set, Sell, it might just be time to get creative! What are you doing to market your business? Are you letting your customers know the terrific gift ideas from Thirty-One? How many Thirty-One products are on your own gift giving list? Did you include family, friends, teachers, coaches, caregivers, Secret Santa gifts and coworkers? This list really includes an endless possibility of potential customers!

Remember to always be working your business, unless you really don't mind skipping your next paycheck :)

Enjoy the holidays with your families!


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Team members wanted! Who do yo know that could use some extra cash for the holidays? Invite them to your team today!

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A great place to go for updates, encouragement and questions. We love to hear new ideas on how to work our business! Feel free to post any time, I'm sure our team can help you out!

Thirty-One Today

Check TOT daily for important company announcements. *Challenge yourself to visit the training section at least once a week, there are great videos and 31 minute calls. * Be familiar with the Business Updates before each party

Celebrate * Encourage * Reward

Golden Owl

Rebecca Fredette $4,486

*Second month in a row over 4K in PV!

5 Parties

Silver Owl

Mary Maruscak $1,355

Bronze Owl

Amy Dellapenna $907

Party Owls $400+

Melissa Simonds $786

Holly Excell $424

Top Sales

Rebecca Fredette

Enrolled ~ June 2012

Senior Consultant ~ October 2013

Team Stats ~ November 2014

Number on team: 21

Number of parties: 22

Total sales: $11,615

*Team Sales Goal Nov. 1 - April 30th = $50,000

Nov. $11,615

Only $38,385 to go!

Director's Stats

Number of parties: 4

Numer of recruits: 0

Party Volume: $2,106

Sharing News …..

If you would like to share any news for our announcements section, please contact me by the 1st of the month. I reserve the right to shamelessly steal news from Facebook!

Tip of the month …..

Don't stop working your business after December 15th! You need to keep the momentum going and share the new catalog, especially the Jewell line and Double Hostess Benefits in January all December long! Order your business supplies and Add-On Kit now and after earning RSS, you will be all Set to take your fabulous new products to your up coming holidays with family!

If you have a fun idea, please share on our team page!

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Why Leadership?

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For the first time ever, an Expander Kit to help new Consultants get Jewell by Thirty-One styles in their hands. It’s valued at more than $220 but Directors and above can order is for only $59 Dec. 16 – Jan. 31!

It’s also available to new Consultants who join between Dec. 16-March 15!

Which RSS Level Will You Earn?

Not only will you earn commission and products, you might get a little gift from me!
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How Do You Get a Home Office Lead?

WHY you want to promote to Senior Consultant:

9:10 I get an email Home Office Lead
9:12 I respond with a "Hi, can I help you learn more about Thirty-One?" email.
9:20 I get an email that she's already placed an order… for $250 worth of stuff!

Perks to promoting are very instant and very real. Home Office Leads that you don't even know …. join your team and make orders when you least expect it are just one of them for promoting!

How do I qualify to be a Senior Consultant? All you need is TWO team members partying with you to make it happen, sell $1K and have a recruit each month! As an added bonus, you'll also start earning 2% from the personal volume of your recruits without any added work!

I have personally had a few of you join my team without even meeting me; like Aimee, Arwyn and Tiffany (please let me know if you are one too!) and I've had hundreds of dollars in retail orders and parties from HO Leads. My first party in December for RSS is over $800 and came from a HO Lead. First, she placed an order several months ago and then loved the products so much she booked a party!