Warriors: Omen of the Stars 5

By, Erin Hunter

The Last Hope

Dovepaw just got her warrior name and is doing her normal warrior duties. When Dovewing goes with Jayfether to the mountains they are told they need to find the fourth. When they get back they tell Lionblaze what they need to do. when they find out who it is they are shocked but happy. then Ivypool gets a sign… the war has come.

There will be three cats, kin of your kin,with the power of the stars in their paws. They will find a fourth, and the battle between the light and dark will be won. a new leader will rise from the shadows of his death, and the clans will survive beyond memories of his memories. this is how it has always been, and how it will always be

By the way

you might want to read Warriors: Power of Three before you read Warriors: Omen of the Stars

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