Community club SSH20.

Kids helping out in their community.

Club SSH20 is a club that teenagers in the neighborhood of Providence Downs South come to together to raise money for Camp Soar. Camp Soar is a camp for kids and adults with special needs come for a week to a swim camp. Danny Canale who is now a freshman at UNCC created this club because he wanted to use this club as to help out his community. There are 7 teenagers in high school that are on the board. They try and organize an event for each month and all their money they make goes to camp soar. One member Allie Nigro went to Camp Soar last summer and said it was one of the greatest experiences of her life. “Seeing those kids and adults having fun was one of the best things you could ever see.” Giving back is something that all the kids in Club SSH20 believe in and think is important. Some examples of events that they have held are a neighborhood bake sale, family feud night, shred it event (which is when they rented a truck to have people be able to shred all of their documents and papers at a discounted price.) Another event that they have held is a luminary event. This event runs right before christmas time. Luminaries are candles that are in paper bags and have sand in them and light up so you can put them in your front yard. This is one of club SSH20 most popular events that they do. This is a really great club that raises money for a great cause.