PRE Newsletter

September 8, 2020

Tomorrow is the first day of school for our 1-5 students. It was great to have kindergarten students in the building today, and we are excited to welcome our A group students tomorrow. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately as the cold front brought REALLY cold weather. We plan to be outside as much as we can, weather permitting.

As a reminder, car loop will begin at 8:25 A.M. with doors opening at this time for temperature checks. School officially starts at 8:45 A.M., so we hope to have everyone in the building by this time. Masks are required by all, and we appreciate all who adhere to this mandate.

There are many changes to begin this year, but we all know one thing remains constant...we are excited about the first day of school and can't wait to greet returning students and welcome new students. Thank you for the grace that has been given as we navigate education during a pandemic. We appreciate the PRE community and the partnership that we have. Thank you for your continual support!


Kristel Fulcher

PRE Principal

Red Thursday

Our hometown KC Chiefs play their first game of the season on Thursday. Let's show some pride and wear Chiefs gear or red.

Car Loop Assistance

We would LOVE your help with morning car loop. If you are looking for a way to volunteer at the school this year, then this is your opportunity!


Q: I opted for on-site (hybrid) learning. When does my child come to the building?

A: Most students will come to the building as indicated by their last name. Students with last names beginning with A-K will attend on-site on days marked A DAY (blue on the district hybrid calendar) and students with last names beginning with L-Z will attend on-site on days marked B DAY (green on the district calendar.) With good cause, prior approval, and mutual agreement, some families are attending opposite of a child's last initial. If this is you, you know who you are!

Q: Will PRE still serve breakfast?

A: Yes! Breakfast will be served daily from 8:25-8:45 A.M.

Q: What needs to happen if my child needs to leave for an appointment?

A: If your child needs to attend an appointment on a day when they are at school, you will need to inform your child's teacher and let the front office know. Please call the office when you arrive, and we will call to the classroom for your child to come to the front office. We will document that your child is leaving, and we will send you a follow-up email with this information. Please approach the building and wait for your student to exit.

Q: What do I do if my child forgets something at home?

A: You may bring the item to school and call the office when you arrive. There will be a table outside the front of the building where you can place the item. When you call the office, please communicate what the item is, your child's name, and their teacher.

Q: I opted for on-site learning. Will the school provide an iPad for at-home (remote) days?

A: Yes!! Every Kindergarten-5th grade student will receive a dedicated iPad, with Logitech Crayon and charging cord in a nifty case for school-related at-home learning. The technology kit will also come with parent instructions and contact information for our district technology help desk.

Q: I heard that kids don't really have to do anything on at-home (remote) days. Is that true?

A: Nope! We are required to provide about six hours of instructional activities daily, regardless of setting. Teachers will be assigning grades this year in all settings. This is nothing like the fourth quarter last year when Governor Kelly closed schools. We've got work to do and will need your students ready to learn daily. Your child will also participate in a daily class meeting through Zoom, as well as with interventionists and other service providers as scheduled.

Q: What if my child isn't going to be at home on at-home (remote) days?

A: It's a GREAT time to talk with your child's care provider about their plan! We've heard from many child care centers that are already upping their Wi-Fi and rearranging spaces into 'classroom' type learning spaces in order to be ready to assist your child as they work through their assignments and activities during the day. We've heard of many variations of tutoring pods and neighborhood safe share environments, as well as JCPRD and nannies. In this crazy time, everyone has had to get a little creative, and we completely understand that the financial burden has increased for many families. If there are other ways that we can provide resources or support while we work through these last months of tackling the virus, please let us know! Our counselor, social worker, office team, teachers and PTA will do our best to help you to make the connections your family needs.

Q: How many hours a day will my elementary-aged child be staring at a screen on at-home (remote) days?

A: NOT 6 HOURS! That would be way too much for any of us. I know. Many of us know that because it's what we do many days, but that's not how we want your children to spend their day every day. Certainly, they will log in to zoom with their teacher in whole or small groups, their specials teacher on C days, their reading or math interventionist, maybe someone else for other personalized support, but although that sounds like a LOT, we won't ask them to hang in there online for long bouts. A zoom group might be 10-20 minutes. A prepared video lesson might be 5-10 minutes. Or 2-3 minutes....that they can watch as many times as they need to understand the directions for the task that they may or may not need their iPad to complete. There will be lots of assignments that will require no technology at all....until they need to show their work, or return an assignment to their teacher. MUCH of the day, students will think of their iPad as a big clock with an alarm set to help them jump on their Zoom on time to interact with a teacher. Other times, it'll be like a fancy piece of paper with a nifty pencil that allows them to get work, do work, and turn in work efficiently and effectively without you having to print or scan anything. We'll teach your kiddos how to do it all and they will!

Q: Do kids really have to wear masks all day?

A: We all do! Anywhere in the building, and outside too, if we can't socially distance. The great news is that we've seen some AWESOME mask-wearing by the JCPRD kiddos and as adults, we're legitimately serious about following this expectation. Your child will definitely get mask breaks during the day when we go outside for recess (masks are not required if socially distanced on the grass, parts of the playground, and when we are seated for lunch (in our very special socially distanced assigned seats) or whenever our teacher decides that we are doing some socially distanced outdoor learning on a really nice day! Otherwise, it will be masks on for all of us. Please make sure that your students are practicing wearing their masks correctly, covering nose and mouth. Masks with respirators or openings are not allowed. Great news! We've got a breakaway lanyard on the way for every child for holding their mask while eating or running outside. Eating will be limited to lunch and scheduled snack times (also outside if possible) but water is encouraged all day. We'll practice taking quick drinks, safely. Your child should bring a filled water bottle daily, and it would be good to send a back-up.

Q: Is the school going to take every person's temperature every day?

A: Yes, we are! Every adult must verify that they are safe for duty prior to the arrival of the children. All children will be checked before entering the building. We won't freak out if a child registers a temp, but we will keep them safe and separate for further evaluation by Nurse Sarah. There are no parents, visitors, or volunteers allowed in the building at this time, so thank you for waiting outside. We're still happy to help you, but in the meantime, thank you for helping us to limit exposures within the building. There are a very limited number of technicians that may have access to the building in order to keep systems running smoothly, but they must also pass and follow all safety measures.

Q: Can I come to have lunch with my child?

A: We are sorry to say that at this time, it's safer for all children by not allowing visitors for lunch. The bright side is that parents may have three days a week when their children are not having lunch here that might work as alternative lunch dates for you. Time together is certainly precious!

Q: Will we get to walk our kids to their classrooms on the first day of school?

A: We will not be opening the school and our students and staff up to extra exposures- even on the first day. Parents are most welcome to walk their child right up to the door to help them socially distance and be there for their first temperature check, but that's where we'll say so long. Staff helpers inside the school will make certain that your child arrives at their classroom safely! There will be more people than normal, so maintain social distance with other families as much as possible and mask up!

Q: How many days a week will students be learning?

A: All students (hybrid and optional remote) will be expected to join 5 days of learning, led by a certified teacher. Hybrid students will receive direct instruction 3 days a week (2 days on-site & virtually on C Days). On at-home (remote) days, these students will work on approximately 360 minutes of daily, teacher-assigned learning activities (a combination of hands-on learning and iPad-based learning). Hybrid students on their at-home (remote) days will still be required to join the daily Zoom Morning Meeting and attend any student support groups (reading/math/counseling) via Zoom and throughout the academic day (8:45 AM – 3:50 PM).

Q: What does the C-Day look like?

A: Hybrid will participate in a daily Zoom Morning Meeting as well as direct instruction Zooms, as determined by each grade level to be appropriate based on grade and age. Students receiving support services (reading/math/counseling) will continue to receive these services virtually and/or through independent work provided by the specialist on remote learning days.

Q: Will there be specific times a day a hybrid student will be expected to be online for at-home (remote) learning, including C-Days?

A: Yes. Hybrid students will be required to participate in a synchronous daily Zoom Morning Meeting which will also be when attendance is taken. This time will be the same each day, regardless of A-B-C days. On C Days, students will also be expected to participate in their specials meeting time, via Zoom, which is the same time specials occur on in-person days. It is unlikely students will Zoom more than 30 minutes for any given lesson or meeting. Hybrid students will NOT Zoom in for synchronous specials class time on their non, in-person days.

Q: What if we can’t join in the Zoom meetings due to a scheduling issue? Can the teacher Zoom with my child separately?

A: Parents should immediately contact their child’s teacher if they will not be able to join a scheduled Zoom meeting. It’s important to remember that flexibility will be extremely limited on the school side of operations and scheduling. We appreciate your understanding that it is impossible to accommodate moving class schedules around to accommodate any one individual’s needs.

Q: What if my child has technical difficulties or does not understand something on an at-home (remote) day?

A: Teachers will do their best to provide clear directions for all assignments and utilize non, in-person learning activities as activities students can reasonably expect to work on independently and with minimal guidance. Thank you for being aware that hybrid teachers are teaching on-site students all day on A and B days. Teachers will not be available to respond to email or voicemail communications until the conclusion of the school day and are expected to respond to all parent communication within one business day. Email is almost always the best method for communication. If you have technical difficulties with devices, students and parents can reach the k12itc Help Desk by calling 816-382-4840. Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday, 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM Each teacher will provide ‘office hours’ on C days/ 1x/week for parent calls and/or Zoom meetings, as needed.

Q: How available will the teacher be for questions and phone calls throughout the day?

A: Teachers will not be available to respond to email or voicemail communications until the conclusion of the school day, and are expected to respond to all parent communication within one business day. Email is almost always the best method for communication. If you have technical difficulties with devices, students and parents can reach the k12itc Help Desk by calling 816-382-4840. Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday, 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Each teacher will provide office hours a minimum of 1x/week for parent meetings, as needed.

Q: When will I get needed supplies?

A: Technology Kits (iPads etc) and materials (content workbooks and purchased school supplies) to keep at-home for at-home (remote) learning days will be sent home on the first in-person day for students (September 9 and 10).

Q: Will I as a parent receive Technology Training?

A: The district will be offering two Parent Training Workshops on how to use the Apple Schoolwork app that will be the Elementary Learning Management System (similar to Canvas in grades 6-12). These Workshops will take place on September 15 and 16 from 6:00 – 7:00 PM, via Zoom. Zoom links and more information about these informative parent workshops are coming soon from USD 232!

Q: If my child is in the B Group, are they expected to learn virtually on September 9 without their school-issued iPad?

A: Classroom teachers will send more information to B Group students about their expectations and activities for at-home learning on September 9. If students can attend the live Zoom class meeting, that would be great! We do understand if they will not be able to attend as they will receive their district issued iPad on September 10.

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