Molly McKinnon

Causes of Gallstones



-Problems with your gallbladder

-Poor diet

How it interferes with the digestive system

Gallstones could be lodged anywhere in the ducts from the liver to the small intestine and it blocks bile from carrying through, and it causes immediate pain if it gets too serious


The treatment is to get your gallbladder removed, you can either get it done with small openings in your stomach or they can open you up, either one works. If you get the small openings you would have to stay over night but they will let you leave in the morning, and if you have to be opened up then they keep you in the hospital for a couple days. After your gallbladder is removed the foods you eat are restricted,


If you get your gallbladder removed with small openings in your stomach how long do you have to stay in the hospital for?

How does your gallbladder being removed effect the foods you eat?

What causes gallstones?


You stay in the hospital overnight.

It restricts what foods you eat.

Weight, Genes, Poor diet, Problems with gallbladder