Catherine The Great

Carlie Davis & KeShona Chambers

Catherine the Great

  • she was a German princess who came to Russia to marry the grandson of Peter the Great
  • She became known as Catherine the Great

Catherine Takes Power

  • after her husband became Czar Peter lll in 1761, Catherine and many Russian nobles became mad at the weakened ruling
  • with the help of her allies, Czar was murdered and she was declared the czarina of Russia which is the female version of czar

Early Reforms

  • In the efforts in becoming a successor, she built westernization efforts.
  • she built a bronze statue in honor of Peter the Great.
  • it was inscribed as "to Peter the l from Catherine the ll.
  • she made a reform influenced by major European thinkers of the time that believed that a strong and wise ruler could improve life for his or her subjects.
  • she reformed Russia's legal and education systems and removed some restrictions on trade on trade.
  • she also promoted the science and arts

Challenges to Catherine's Rule

  • Whenever Catherine started her ruling, people rebelled and a war broke out in Poland.
  • In 1768 the Ottoman Empire joined the Polish, however the Russia won the war and took over half of Poland and the Black Sea, a valuable outlet for sea trade.
  • A man named Yemelyan Pugachev was traveling the countryside claiming to be Peter ll and had not been murdered after all.
  • The revolt convinced Catherine that she needed to strengthen the authority of the monarchy in rural areas.