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Chandler Creek Pathway to Excellence 2018- Goal Setting

As we enter a new year, it is a great time to set new goals or revisit goals from the past. Goal Setting is not just for adults and research shows that students who set goals are more likely to achieve those goals.

At school, you may hear teachers refer to "Ownership of Learning". This means that students "buy-in" to what they are learning and seek out new ideas and new materials because it holds an interest for them. Goal Setting is one key way to achieve this ownership and allow students to take an active part in their education.

Some simple ideas for parents to begin goal setting:

1. Talk with your student about something they would like to achieve or improve.

2. Start with a simply goal such as "I want to read 1 book a week."

3. Create a tracking sheet to add stickers or points.

4. Measure the goal over time.

5. Revisit the goal and discuss the progress.

6. Celebrate when the goal is met.

7. Create a new goal to continue to process.

This is very doable for students and works best when the student chooses the goals, measure the goals, and has a chance to talk about and celebrate the goal. The goal could center around school, sports, chores, etc. Goal setting is a powerful tool can be used from K5 to college and beyond.

For January, our teachers will be visiting goals with their classes. Try it at home to see the success it can bring your student and the purposeful conversation you can enjoy with your children.

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Chandler Creek is Building a Community of Champions

January Dates to Remember

January 2018

1/3/2018- Return to School

1/12/2018 PTA Volunteer Breakfast, 5th Grade Human Growth and Development Class

1/15/2018 Martin Luther King Holiday- No school

1/16/2018 End of Quarter 2

1/17/2018 PTA Family Night at Skyzone

1/19/2018 K4 Math Day

1/22/2018 PTA and Title 1 Math and Science Night, Dinner Served @ 5:30

1/23/2018 2nd Quarter Report Cards, PTA Zaxby's Spirit Night

1/24/2018 3rd Grade performs , select classes

1/25/2018 K5 goes to Children's Museum

1/24/2018 3rd grade performs, select classes

1/26/2018 Chicken Biscuit Sales

1/30/2018 Birthday Book Club